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It was just a year ago that I asked you to take a risk with me--a risk that was so big, if we won, it would change the destiny for hundreds of children and Music Camp International for years to come.
Because of your support, we took that risk--and we WON!
Our first Music Camp for the children of Pata Rât did what no one else had done--put the four sub-communities together into one project where the children had to work together, celebrate one another, and perform a concert of five songs in three languages in just 5 days. 
Last September, children who lived on the garbage dump went to school for the first time!
Then, just a litle over a month ago we conducted our 2nd Music Camp for the children of Pata Rât. This year we began at a much higher level--and met with even greater success.  
Last Wednesday we launched what I promised the parents we would do--provide a daily afterschool program for their children to provide literacy and educational support along with music instruction and ensemble participation.
It's a revolutionary idea--but research documents the close relationship between music and literacy AND music and staying in school. They are a powerful partnership!
Because of our tremendous need for start-up money, we launched an Indiegogo Campaign at the beginning of September.  It's short and to the point.  
So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few minutes to watch what can happen when you dream big dreams and have a team of supporters, assistants, and teachers. The children are ready--and registered! Classes began last Wednesday. Our Indiegogo Campaign has launched--but we need your help to meet our goal. We cannot continue without your help. 
Your gift today can help change the world for these children.  Please don't delay--click on the link to see what a remarkable difference you can make in the life of a child. The children thank  you, the team thanks you, and so do I. 

Literacy and Music--A Powerful Partnership
Inspiring children to learn and work together.  

After two successful Music Camps with the children of Pata Rât, Music Camp International has launched a new division-- PLUS! This new daily after school program began with many of the children who attended Music Camp this past August.
PLUS is built on the presenting need of inspiring the marginalized children of Cluj-Napoca to achieve literacy, develop discipline, focus, stay in school, and learn to work together in peace and harmony. Research and experience both reinforce the close relationship between music, literacy development, inspiration to learn, and motivation to stay in school. PLUS began its first day of classes on Wednesday, September 30. 
Rather than the traditional "post communist" approach that stratifies children socially, economically, and educationally, and identifies an elite few as "talented", and determines "potential" through rigorous testing, Music Camp International has built a a decade of solid, irrefutable evidence that all children are talented and when engaged in a positive, dynamic, and interactive environment, WILL learn to a high level of success.

While other programs have brought an approach to literacy, none have put together this combination that is globally documented to be a powerful partnership. And while other programs develop "information and instruction" none has been able to capture "inspiration and motivation." We want to do this! 
Our goals are clear. We want to bring each child up to grade level in reading and writing skills, provide educational support in all other subjects, encourage parental support, and inspire the children to set high goals and then work together to achieve them. Instrument instruction provides each child with a source of inspiration and motivation to develop his or her individual skill. Ensemble participation and choir teach them to work together, to celebrate the talent of one another, and to achieve something beautiful that no child can achieve alone.
PLUS will bring together marginalized children from multiple communities. We will provide daily food for the children. Each day the children will have academic support focusing on literacy, instrument instruction, and ensemble participation.
PLUS has the potential to "go global"--to "add everything wonderful to the child's life." With the pilot project for PLUS in Cluj-Napoca, the Roma community throughout Romania and Eastern Europe exists as one of the poorest communities on the planet. Our strategic development plan calls for us to develop a reproducible model and then multiply it throughout the Continent.
Be sure to watch our short video, then click the button and become part of this powerful partnership of literacy and music--and change the destiny of an entire community of children. We need your help today.

Meet Our Director for PLUS

One of MCI's strongest collaborations for our work with the children from Pata Rât has been the support and involvement from Cristina Rat, Dean of the School of Sociology and Social Assistance of Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj--one of the top universities in Romania. Cristina has become a dear friend as well as collaborator.
When Cristina learned that MCI needed a Director for PLUS--she knew right away she had the "perfect person"--Eszter Peter, a child psychologist who has not only taught at the university, but volunteered for over two years in Pata Rât, knows the children and the families, has worked in another literacy program--and has been a volunteer in Music Camp. All this went together--and I am so proud and happy that Eszter said "Yes," to my proposal that she become Director for PLUS.
Eszter has worked tirelessly--registering children, meeting with parents, negotiating contracts for sandwiches, establishing a partnership with the school so we can use the facilities, ordering storage cabinets for the instruments, getting school curriculum and supplies--so much.
Please join me in letting Eszter know how much she is appreciated. She is a power-house of expertise and a strong advocate for the children.
Welcome, Eszter, to the Music Camp International and PLUS team.

October 2015 
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Almost two years "in the making" Music Camp International has launched a daily after school program for marginalized children.

Cluj-Napoca is our pilot--but many more programs are on the "drawing board."

Paste this link into your browser to see our short video. It is packed with power and potential.  

Become a partner in transforming the life of a child through literacy and music.

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Tackling literacy and educational support is addressing problems that have been passed down from generation to generation. Without literacy and an education, jobs are hard to find, and self-support an illusive dream.

PLUS approaches parents with a dignity and respect that have not been part of their experience with municipal aid. Although subsistence support is sometimes available--minimal food and shelter--dignity and respect are not part of the equation. Mutual mistrust and resentment have damaged many programs.
PLUS is taking great care to work closely with parents to build trust and communication. It is tremendously important that we keep our promises and deliver what we have told parents they can expect.

 In an effort to demonstrate a new paradigm, beautiful brochures showing PLUS in action have been provided for the parents. Whether or not they are able to read the contents, the pictures tell the story. Parents want a better life for their children--but don't know how to get it.
With PLUS adding literacy and music--and dignity and respect--we know we can transform the lives of the children and the experiences of the parents. Your gift today helps reverse the pattern of illiteracy and minimal education that has produced poverty and crime for generations.
Please help us provide PLUS for the children of Cluj-Napoca.

Connie Fortunato
Music Camp International and PLUS
YOUR 2016
This year we will again prepare beautiful pictorial calendars capturing the children's participation in our various projects. Your gift today of $25 for PLUS will reserve a pictorial calendar for you! 

A gift of $100 will reserve a beautiful leather-bound daily planner.

There's no more beautiful way than to "number your days"  weeks, and months than with one of our beautiful calendars.

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