Dearest Topangans,

We hope you are able to be on the call this morning to help us block these - now I am told by our attorney - 2 cell towers (as opposed to one which was what we had thought) scheduled for Topanga.

Here is the link containing all the call in info. The call in # on the left is for the first hour of public comment on anything at all, the next half hour are all 7 presentation (1-7) of the agenda items, then after that is public comment on all 7 agenda items.  This is the new way they are conducting the meetings.  There is also a link where people can submit written comments.  That link is important because if people don't get called on for public comment after items 1-7, they are are able to submit a written statement via that link...pubic comment only goes for an hour after items 1-7, so please call in early if possible to be first in line. It would also behelpful if you were to submit a written comment even if you re called on.

Here is our appeal against the decision from the planning department to allow the towers to go up in Topanga. If these super high powered, military experimentation towers are allowed to go up, "health effects out of nowhere", further wildlife deterioration and property de-valuation is sure to follow. There is going to be a hearing this Tues., Nov. 24th @ 9:30 AM on whether or not to accept our appeal to reject the tower, If the Board of Supervisors sees there is public backlash to it (if a large number of people sign up to speak at the hearing) they may reject the tower. Please click here for details on talking points instructions for calling in, etc.

If everyone who receives this gets 5 people to call in on Tues., we will block this tower. If there is a low turn out we may not be able to block it. It's that simple. Please be on the call and make your opposition heard.

Thank you so much for your help, we cannot do this without YOU!