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Project management software improves bottom line! Wait a minute!!!

You’re looking for project management software. You know that spreadsheets don’t cut it because they aren't collaborative. Or you have departmental software that doesn’t talk to each other. You’ve got pressure to present the right solution to your team. And you need to justify the expense by showing how it affects the bottom line. 

Beyond choosing the right software, expense is the most challenging piece of this decision! 

So, let’s examine 3 key areas where the right project management software can actually improve your bottom line. 

1. Solving issues through data collection! – Let’s face it. Knowing what is happening in the field is half the battle to creating solutions. Many companies are unaware of recurring issues because they have no system of collecting data. USGN’s software puts all projects on the radar screen and creates a collaborative environment to fix them. The solution can then be immediately applied and save operational costs across all sites.

2. Addressing pain points only! – Okay. I get it. You don’t want to just deal with current issues. There are more ahead. But you can’t afford to pay for solutions to problems that your company will never experience. You need software that addresses YOUR needs! USGN’s platform is customized to target these pain points and alleviate the associated costs.

3. Reduced staff and team hours! – This is a big one. Many of our clients tell us that this is where the greatest cost savings occur. No updating spreadsheets and then emailing them to the team. No redundancies of work. No down time waiting for the next batch of drawings. And no emails to notify what has been sent. One person enters the information! That’s it! Everyone sees in real time! (We should also add that this greatly reduces stress in the office and in the field!)

There are more areas for cost savings. But you get the picture! The right project management software will improve your bottom line! 

Contact me directly or go to our website to request a demo. I will be glad to call you to get it scheduled. 

Enjoy the rest of our new-look newsletter! We hope that this simplified version allows you to briskly find what you need and take care of business! 

Russ Otten
VP of Sales & Marketing
Everyone is Talking about Cost Reduction Strategies

USGN is known as THE project management software for major retail and restaurant chains, along with other roll-out industries like healthcare, telecommunications, and hospitality. Our clients do amazing things with our platform. This month, we share some of their experiences and views regarding cost reductions. 
PetSmart Shifts Resources to Avoid Pain Points
“With USGN, we are able to log each issue, work the problem, log the solution, and then report off of it. I know what my team is working on, what issues are the most consuming, and how long they spend on any issue. With that data, we can shift resources as needed or design and implement new processes to combat the pain points or increase efficiencies .” Byron Ayle, Director of Real Estate Administration, for PetSmart
We only use the features we want to!
“We barely scratch the surface of what USGN offers. That’s by choice. And it’s great because we aren’t forced to use or pay for what we don’t need . Again, this is one of the reasons we chose USGN.” Mike Minna, VP of Construction at Lewis Retail Centers
USGN Allows One Person To Do What it Used to Take 5 To Do!
“Before the economic downturn, there were 5 people doing what I’m now able to do. I know where everything is. So, I can point people in the right direction to access the information that they need. Without this type of system, my guess is that there’s a lot of deviation from standard processes which could lead to time spent helping team members find information that they may be able to find themselves with a well-organized cloud-based system.” Scott Burr, Design Coordinator at Raley’s
Project Management Modules

USGN provides software solutions for all stages of your store lifecycle management. Our software decreases the costs and time it takes to plan, acquire, design, build, remodel, and manage your portfolio of sites.   
USGN Clients On the Move
Whole Foods Market Looks To Fill Retail’s Gaps
While other supermarket chains close stores, scale back on expansion plans or choose not to renew leases, Whole Foods Market, is opening stores across the country. Whole Foods is an avid user of USGN, with over 2,600 projects in the last 10 years! Every day new stores are under construction som ewhere. And they are being managed, monitored, and tracked on USGN’s platform...  Read More
PetSmart Reaches Major Milestone
PetSmart, a USGN customer for nearly 20 years , announced it has reached a major milestone by opening the doors of its 1,600th store located in El Paso, Texas...and every one of those 1600 PetSmart stores are online and available to the entire team within seconds! Every floor plan, photo, contract, performance metric! No physical copies stored in a closet. No searching various departments for specifics and data. It’s all there at PetSmart’s fingertips! Read More
USGN Announces 1st Regional Conference
Our first will be held in Southern California, with others to follow in Texas, the Southeast, and the Northeast. Details will be posted soon on our website and LinkedIn page. We hope you will consider joining us for an exciting, informative time!
CCR Summit

USGN sponsored the 2018 Commercial Construction Renovation (CCR) Summit, held recently in Daytona Beach, FL. The annual event brings retail and restaurant construction executives together with several industry sponsors to discuss trends and spend one-on-one sessions addressing current needs. Russ Otten, VP of Sales & Marketing, met with many companies looking for project management software and has already presented several demos to those ready for this business-changing solution.  Learn more about CCR Summit.

Our Webinars take place at 10:00AM PST every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Mike Leathers leads and facilitates these key events. Topics are announced on our website and LinkedIn page. Please sign up on our website to join Mike each month for an informative session.