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 June 28, 2017
PMAR's Bi-Weekly Newsletter for Real Estate Professionals
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Do You Know Your Neighborhood Trivia
Is Instant Offers Just a Test?
Homebuying by Baby Boomers Picks Up Steam
Housing's Hottest Season is Sizzling
PMAR Needs You!
Help Buyers Fall In Love
Have the Best Meeting Ever
PMAR MC Donates $10,730 to Local Charity
The Lighter Side of PMAR
Free Websites for Realtors®
NAR members can now build and launch a professional real estate website for free with Placester's new NAR edition.

These websites are designed to be turnkey, and include everything needed to build an online presence, without the need for technical or programming skills.

Click here to consult Placester for details.
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Thursday, June 29th

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Free CE
OREF and OnlineEd are offering 4 Free CE courses now through December 2017.

This package includes the newest OREF courses for Oregon real estate continuing education credit. 

Click Here for details.
Do You Know Your Neighborhood?
Trivia Night
Multnomah County Edition
How well do you know the neighborhoods that you work in every day? Join us at Do You Know Your Neighborhood trivia night and prove it!

Thursday, July 20th

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Lucky Lab Quimby Beer Hall
(1945 NW Quimby St., Portland)

Gather a team of 2-6 people and test your knowledge of the cities and neighborhoods that make Multnomah County one of the most unique and desired places to live in the country. Test your brain power with categories like: random real estate knowledge, what's in a name?, it's not easy being green, and more. 
Cost: $10 per person
Click here to register your team.

Don't miss out! Space is limited so sign-up and prepayment is required. Don't have a team? Sign up and we'll build a great team for you!

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Questions? Contact Carrie Lewis, PMAR Communications Coordinator, or call 503-459-2152.
Is "Instant Offers" Just a Test?
With "Instant Offers" is Zillow really trying to cut agents out of the real estate process? Some tech industry insiders say that doesn't make any sense. 

According to Mike DelPrete, tech entrepreneur and business advisor, "The industry is up in arms about Zillow displacing agents and brokerages, but the data doesn't support it. . . This new product is a move by Zillow to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for instant home offers."

Around 70% of Zillow's revenue comes from real estate agents and the company does not appear to be diversifying income streams at this time. Their existing business model is dependent upon agents and too lucrative to put it all at risk. 

Click here to read the full article.
Homebuying by Older Generations Picks Up Steam
The Baby Boomers are a rebellious generation.

They grew their hair long. They fought for social equality. And now, they refuse to be " old" based on the standards set by previous societal norms.

Baby Boomers still want to be active, despite primarily being in their 60s or early 70s. They aren't interested in communal meals watching the Game Show Network for hours on end.

They would much rather concentrate on things like their garden, an active outdoor lifestyle and remaining an integral part of their neighborhood and community. It's why there has been a noticeable upswing in home buying among older Americans.

Click here  to learn more.
Housing's Hottest Season is Sizzling
Here we are, right in the middle of the most popular time of year to buy and sell a home. Clients may think it's a better idea to stay away and wait for the weather (and the market) to cool down, but there's no reason to sweat the idea of buying in the summer.

Here are 5 distinct advantages to remind clients that now is a great time to buy - as long as you can stand the heat of a little competition.
  1. Prices are necessarily higher
  2. Inventory is broader
  3. Buying and selling at the same time may be easier
  4. School's out for summer
  5. They'll get to know the lay of the land

Click here to read the full article.

Local and State Director Positions Available in 2018
Do you have some experience volunteering with your Realtor® Association, and want to take it to the next level?  PMAR has a number of Local and State Director positions available starting in 2018. The nomination deadline is Friday, June 30th, at 5:00 p.m.

Click Here   for a link to the nomination form, which includes position descriptions and qualification criteria.

If you don't qualify for next year, but would like to learn how to become eligible in the future, contact Michele Holen, PMAR Chief Operating Officer, about all our volunteer opportunities.
Help Buyers Fall In Love Staging
Making sure buyers are interested enough to make an offer on a property takes more than running the vacuum and fluffing the pillows. It's all about decluttering, repairing, updating, and de-personalizing.

Staging a home can mean more money. 71% of sellers' agents believed a well-staged environment increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer. Staging is an important marketing tool that often times leads to a faster sale.

Click here for 81 staging tips to help buyers fall in love
Prepare to Have Your Best Meeting Ever
You've been in the business long enough to know that awkward silences happen to even the best conversationalists. But what if you could head them off with a quick quip about your client's personal interests?

Well, now you can. More and more agents are using mobile apps to help them have a stellar first interaction while networking. These interactions can generate subsequent conversations, referrals, and potential new clients. 

Click here to learn about two of these impressive apps. 
PMAR Masters Circle Donates $10,730 to Local Charity
Thank you to all the PMAR members who attended the 13th Annual Masters Circle Silent Auction and Awards in May!

Your generosity resulted in a $10,730 donation to Northwest Children's Outreach. NCO uses their donations to supply thousands of local families with clothing, diapers, hygiene products and other necessities for their children.
The Lighter Side of PMAR
You Might Be a Real Estate Agent If. . .
  1. Your career choice has ever made you question your sanity
  2. Your passenger seat doubles as your desk (and your lunch table)
  3. You're more lost without your cellphone than the average teenager
  4. Your "Realtor® Radar" goes off when anyone within a city block mentions anything about real estate
  5. You know what it's like to go from wondering where your next deal will come from to juggling 3 buyers who want to see 17 homes by 6pm, and suddenly having to negotiate an offer on a listing that's been on the market for a year - all within a split second
  6. You've ever been accused of making too much money
  7. Your tax write-offs almost match what you've earned
  8. A "working vacation" is the only vacation you know
  9. Technology is your best friend AND your worst enemy
  10. Your ice bucket challenge looked like this:

Click here for 16 more signs you might be a Realtor®.

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