Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you.  As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you."    John 20:21
The Pilot
A newsletter of the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association       
August 2017 
A word from Walker,
When Vince Lombardi became the Head Coach of the hapless Green Bay Packers in 1959, he quickly realized that they had little or no discipline, and they had forgotten how to tackle, block, catch and run. At one particular practice, very early in his tenure he halted all activities brought everyone in close, picked up a pigskin and said, "Gentlemen, this is a football." He then explained that they were going to learn how to do all the basics of the game until it became second nature.
In similar fashion, what keeps a church from fulfilling its mission to make disciples who make disciples? This is a question not of judgment or condemnation, but one of heartfelt inquiry. Each week I have a least one conversation with a Pastor or a church member about the symptoms of church decline. These earnest conversations drive to the heart of the mission of the church. Yet, it is so easy to reduce the causes of this decline to such things as bad leadership; demographic changes in a community; poor commitment on the part of members; inability to reach younger families; etc.
When I seek to dive deeper into this very important issue by examining how each church approaches the Great Commission, I often get either pushback or blank stares. People either assume that they are already creating an organizational culture that supports this mission, or they treat my question as a mystery stuffed inside a riddle.
As a result of these responses, I have sought to simplify this assessment by asking two basic questions. First, I typically ask Pastors when I meet with them for the first time if they are pouring their lives into one-three individuals who will do the same. Some Pastors tell me that they are too busy or that they seek to do that from the pulpit. I seek to be respectful but I point out that if we don't have time to do this we are missing out on a huge blessing, and that this enterprise is a relational not a didactic dispensation of knowledge from a speaker to a listener.
The second question I ask any leader or church member who is concerned about the decline of their church is this: "Are you seeking to take the Good News of Jesus to every woman, man, boy and girl within a one-mile radius of your church?" What I am referring to here is more of a burden that manifests itself as a dedicated plan than a particular program for doing evangelism. In other words, do we really believe that in the surrounding areas of our congregations that the "fields are white for harvest?"
These simple questions can cut through all the morass of options, data and programs and get us thinking about the bottom line for our church. Becoming missional is about not trying to get people into our front door, but more about building redemptive relationships with people in a way that Jesus is glorified because we are loving people the way He does. When we develop lifelong followers of Jesus in our congregations, they become missionaries who meet people where they eat, live, play and work.
Perhaps Pastors and leaders should pick up the Bible, gather people close and say "Friends, this is the Word of God. Let's follow its guidelines and make some disciples." Call me simple, but I believe such an approach would get us back on track.
Your servant in Christ,
Executive Director

2017 Literacy Missions Conference
Equipping Literacy Missions Volunteers to do quality instruction while connecting people to Christ.
August 26, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC
Faith at Home Network Fall Conference Series
"Why" Family Ministry is a Vital part of Disciple-Making
Keynote Speaker:  Rob Rienow
September 12, 2017 - 9 am - 3 pm
Calvary West Baptist Church
Advance, NC
Inside - Out Sunday School
Gain a new perspective on Sunday School that focuses on growth and making disciples - not just filling seats.

Sept 19, 2017 - 6 pm - 8:30 pm

Stanleyville Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC 

Triad Baptist Church (Kernersville, North Carolina)
Triad Baptist Church is excited to announce the opening of its new leadership training program, The Leadership Institute (TLI).  This innovative partnership between church and university allows the individual to take courses for personal development or to earn a graduate-level degree.
To learn about the first course in the program and to register, please visit Triad Baptist Church's website at . Call Adam Wingate at 336-996-7573 x 196 w ith any questions.
Join LoveOutLoud to collect and distribute school supplies to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools begin the new year on August 28. Students across Forsyth County will be going back to school, hopefully with the supplies they need to help them focus on learning.  To make sure that each student has what is needed to begin the school year, we are appealing to our churches to join with Love Out Loud to provide school supplies through a concerted effort in strategic places.   

Love Out Loud, a non profit agency whose sole purpose is to connect community agencies and churches with one another to impact our communities in a great way, is working to create a more streamlined process to provide students with the school supplies they need throughout the year.  With the help of Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools and some representatives throughout the community, Love Out Loud has created a plan that they will be unfolding over the course of the next week or two.  

How It Works:  
  1. Collection and assembly of school supplies the week of August 14-19 at pilot schools (to date: Philo-Hill, Ashley, Kimberly Park, Easton, North Hills, Middle Fork).  (a) Basic requirements: A WSFCS staff member from a school joining the process. efforts at additional schools along with other community partners are welcomed! (b) Principals determine the distribution process (filled backpack given during open house, backpack with basic starter supplies then rest distributed through the year, etc.) (3) Volunteers with time encouraged to help teachers set up classrooms that week. (d) Plan something to bless our teachers
  2. Encouragement tunnel at District Kick-Off rally: Friday AM, August 18, Dash Stadium.
  3. Distribution: At Open Houses - Middle/High Schools on Thursday, August 24; Elementary on Friday, August 25. (a) Backpacks placed in home rooms. (b) All community partners on site to support and encourage school personnel and families (before begins: help with set-up; after it is over: great families, tear down. (C) Community eat distributed AFTER open house. A punched passport (ticket) is even to each family to have punched/stamped from each stop at Open House.
  4. Encouragement tunnels at all partner/pilot schools on the first day of school on Tuesday, August 29. 
NOTE: If your church already partners with a school, please consider collecting supplies for that school. Take the supplies directly to the school instead of handing them out in the local community.  This way, the principal and teachers will make sure the supplies are equally distributed and no one child will be left out when there is a great need.  Instead of letting parents go from one site to another and gather supplies for their children (perhaps more than once), let the school officials distribute. We collecting; they distribute. Or, take your supplies to one of the areas listed above.  Either way, we are maximizing our efforts to help with the much needed school supplies!

Call Karen Taylor at 336-414-0812 if you would like to connect with Love Out Loud. We can go to a community meeting together.  I will be regularly reporting back to our churches on ways we can connect. Begin collecting schools supplies to take to one of these distribution sites or take to the school your church partners with!  Go online at to get a complete list of supplies needed per grade. 

Working together,
Karen Taylor
Community Missionary
Openings Among 
PMBA Churches

  • Bethany Baptist Church - is seeking a part-time (20 hours per week) Worship Leader to provide direction and leadership in music ministry that is consistent with the mission of the church.  To take responsibility for creating an atmosphere of worship in both traditional and contemporary services.  He or she shall oversee and coordinate the music ministry of Bethany Baptist Church encouraging others to use their musical skills and gifts for God's glory.  Please submit your resume to
  • Glenn View Baptist Church - is seeking a Worship Leader to lead all aspects of our worship ministry (praise band, choir, technology, etc.). For a more detailed job description, please contact the search team:
  • Union Cross Baptist Church - is looking for a a part time minister of youth and children. If you sense God could use you in this part time position, please send your resume, including relevant experience/skills to  Hiring August 2017
  • Iglesia Bautista de Union Cross is seeking a Bivocational Pastor for a local PMBA Hispanic congregation. Please call: Miguel Alvarez @336-772-3257
  • Walkertown First Baptist Church is seeking a part-time Minister of Music. Please send resumes to:  Personnel Committee, Walkertown First Baptist Church, PO Box 310, NC 27051
  • Union Hill Baptist Church is seeking a part-time Pianist.  For further information, please contact:  Pastor Christopher Burcham email: phone: 336-575-1870.

Please note: 
Check out our website:  for job openings from local businesses. 
Please help us pray for:

Kristie Adams - member of Lewisville Baptist Church and a PMBA volunteer receptionist. She fell and broke her wrist and fractured her cheekbone and eye socket. 

Please keep these people in your prayers this month.  If you would like to have someone added to our list or if you would like to send a note of encouragement, please contact the PMBA office at 336-830- 8189 for their address.
Bread of Life Food Pantry needs your help!
The PMBA Bread of Life Food Pantry is making great efforts to help our families by providing more snacks and fresh produce in our boxes each week. How can you help?  By having a church-wide food collection for the Bread of Life Food Pantry, by providing gift cards to PMBA so that our shoppers can shop for the items we are short on, by providing fresh produce out of your garden.  
Gift cards are a wonderful way to help!  Many of our volunteers can shop for us, lightening the load on the Coordinators, Kim and Kathy Triplette and myself.  But having you drop by with your donations encourages our volunteers!  We want to show you our food pantry.  We would love you to volunteer just one Thursday a month, from 1 pm - 5 pm.  Call PMBA at 336-830-8189 and ask to speak with Karen. I will be glad to give you more information.  Try it just one time!  You will want to come again, I know!
Looking forward to your help in feeding the many children through PMBA efforts. Together we can do so much more than we can apart.
Going His way,
Karen Taylor
Community Missionary
Dixie Classic Fair
Fair Ministry will soon be here! September 25--28, 2017
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED IN THE CANTEEN FOR FAIR MINISTRY WEEK:  MONDAY - THURSDAY.  3 SHIFTS AT CANTEEN:  8 -12; 12- 4 PM AND 4 - 8 PM.  Call PMBA at 336-414-0812 and let us when you can help.  

Items needed :  400 Hygiene Kits, 300 golf style shirts, 300 gently used or new blankets, AND LOTS OF SNACKS (i.e., snack cakes, cookies, individual bags of chips, nabs, coffee, creamer, sugar packets, lemonade mix, napkins, paper plates, paper towels, AND LOTS OF BOTTLED WATER! (We use around 700-800 bottles of water each Fair Week.) We can also use devotional books, Bibles and New Testaments. 

Many of our churches will be called over the next few weeks to see if you can provide bag meals for Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We give out approximately 300 bag meals each night.  Each bag should contain a sandwich, a pack of chips, and cookies. Some groups include a piece of fruit or a cup of mixed fruit.  I hope you will consider helping by providing 25, 50 or even 100 bag meals. Monday night is Community Night and we invite those who need to see a dentist and have no insurance to make an appointment ASAP. Call us and schedule as soon as you can. On that Monday night, we will provide snacks but no bag meals.

Looking forward to another amazing Fair Ministry Week, September 25 -- 28.  

If you know of someone who would like to receive The  Pilot Newsletter, please call the PMBA office at 336-830-8189 and give us their email address.  Or, email their contact information to