[Fall 2017] PMC Newsletter #2
PMC Newsletter #2
Hello Publications and Media Community! We hope midterm season isn't too stressful for everyone. Remember to take breaks and show yourself love! The PMC is here to give you all the support you need in making your publication and media dreams come true.
Table of Contents:
  1. PMC Resources & Programs
  2. PMC Events
  3. Community Events
  4. Student Org Spotlight
  5. Opportunities & Resources
  6. Photo Gallery
  7. Contact Us
PMC Resources & Programs
Did you know the PMC offers 6 FREE programs for all student publication and media organizations?
Design Consulting: Request design consulting and training services for your RSO from our on-staff Design Consultant.
Distribution : Have your physical publications distributed at 12 locations, on and off-campus. Digital distribution platform coming soon!
Equipment Checkout : Rent out professional camera, lighting, audio, and other equipment to practice your skills as content creators.
Communications & Marketing : Help us help you publicize your events by contacting us at studentmedia@berkeley.edu or any of our social media accounts.
Space Reservation : Reserve meeting or studio space for your RSO weekly. 5 hours/week maximum.
Storage Space : Archive publications and prints in our cages in Hearst Gym.
PMC Events
6-8pm, Career Center Blue & Gold Room
Meet with Cal alumni & professionals working in fields such as public relations, advertising, market research, sales strategy, community relations, media planning, social media, broadcasting, film, journalism, and publishing.
10/12: Career Connections in Writing & Media
6-8pm, Career Center Blue & Gold Room

[Save the date!] 11/30: Student Media Live Community
6-9pm, Anna Head Alumnae Hall
Community Events
10/4: Curating the Moving Image: From Cinemas to Galleries with Kate MacKay
Kate MacKay, associate film curator at BAMPFA, discusses her experience as a film curator—from festivals to museum theaters to galleries—using specific case studies from her curatorial work.

10/4: Mario Savio Memorial Lecture
Resistance: What does effective resistance look like and include today?
8pm, Pauley Ballroom in MLK Student Union
This memorial lecture series honors the memory of the late Mario Savio, spokesperson for Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement, and the spirit of moral courage which he and other activists of his generation exemplified.

102 Kroeber Hall
Why do we sometimes know a lot about who made things, and why do we sometimes not? Why does it sometimes matter to us, and why might it sometimes not? The Museum will display objects from the collection that urge visitors to think critically about how perceptions of makers have varied in different times and distant places.

10/5: BCEC Presents: Business Plugged In Digital Marketing Event
Do you imagine yourself having a future marketing position? Want to meet representatives from various industries ranging from sports to music? If so, then come to Business Plugged In: A Digital Marketing Networking Event hosted by UC Berkeley's Business Careers in Entertainment Club this Thursday evening.

The Berkeley Center for New Media, The Berkeley Graduate, the Graduate Assembly, and BridgeUSA will host a campus-wide symposium to mark the 53rd anniversary of the birth of Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement. It will involve a selection of panels and open discussions with faculty, students and staff addressing the history, practice, and spaces of free speech within the university.

12-5pm, 308A Doe Library
This roundtable addresses the transcultural nature of Indian cinema, both past and present. Following the liberalization of India's economy in the early 1990s, histories of Indian cinema have either focused on the reception of Indian films vis-a-vis cosmopolitan constructions of South Asian diasporic subjectivities or have examined the ways in which an image of the nation has been constructed in and through Indian cinema.

10/10: White Supremacy, Gender, and Speech in the wake of Charlottesville
This event will focus on the roles white supremacy has played throughout U.S. history as well as its continued effects today, particularly in relation to the 2016 election and upsurge of white nationalist and white supremacist movements.
Want to have your org's event featured here? Email studentmedia@berkeley.edu for inquiries with "[YOUR ORG NAME] Newsletter Event Feature Request" as the subject.
Student Org Spotlight!
Media Org Spotlight:
Cal Animage Alpha (CAA) is the flagship chapter of a loosely organized international conglomeration of anime clubs all of which share the name "Cal-Animage" (often, but not always, followed by the greek letter denoting their entrance and acceptance into the group). Originally just a group of friends with a VCR, CAA met in any number of various rooms on the University of California, Berkeley campus; Cal-Animage was formally established by Mike Tatsugawa in January 1989.

CAA has around 100 active members and has Monday evening shows at 7-10pm for anyone interested. They will be holding a Boba Social on 10/7 at 2pm at U-Cha. On 11/5, they are hosting Anime Destiny 2017, an anime convention on the UC Berkeley campus!
Publication Spotlight:
The Heuristic Squelch is UC Berkeley’s only intentionally funny campus publication. Usually published 3-4 times per semester, depending on how drunk the staff is, The Squelch is a 20-page humor magazine showcasing the best comedic writing, artwork, and occasionally, quiche recipes of Berkeley’s best and brightest. The Squelch was founded in 1991, the successor to Cal’s great humor tradition begun by The Pelican , becoming an official ASUC sponsored student group in 1997. We will continue publishing as long as there is injustice in the world. Or, until Grandma stops sending checks.

The Squelch needs to raise $1000 dollars by the end of the month or an evil industrialist is going to shut down the community center we’ll only be able to print one issue this year!
Opportunities & Resources
Submit to the College Media Association Film Festival

The College Media Association Film Festival is designed to encourage and promote excellence in student video work, through giving awards and showing examples of top-notch projects in several categories.

All work must be completely produced by college students, and all videos must have been completed after Sept. 1, 2016. For the promotional video, you must be a paid registrant at the Fall Convention. For the creative and documentary films and video news package, attendance at the convention is encouraged but not required.

For documentary and creative films and video news package: Oct. 7, 2017 at midnight.
Promotional video deadline: Friday, Oct. 27, between 11 – noon at a booth next to the registration table, via flash drive or hard drive.

Check out http://collegemedia17.org/film-festival/ for more details.
UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Digital Media Courses

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute is the world’s premier center for digital media workshops and custom training programs offered through the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. They offer Digital Media Courses for career professionals in multimedia storytelling, video, social media, data visualization and digital publishing. Check out their current workshop offerings here .
Photo Gallery
Meet our staff + board!
Check out our Equipment Checkout program!
Visit us at MLK 177 (M-F 9am-5pm) or at studentmedia.berkeley.edu

The PMC manages 100+ organizations, reaching thousands of students. Want to have your org's events, opportunities, publications, or media featured in our newsletter? Email studentmedia@berkeley.edu for inquiries with "[YOUR ORG NAME] Newsletter Feature Request" as the subject.