Monthly Newsletter | March 2019 Edition

Can't believe that February has already passed us by. Here at PMHF the days are blurred together while we are getting things together to go live later this year.

We joined the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, which is a very proud and exciting moment for us. We will be working with the Chamber for the next several months and will be doing a Ribbon Cutting ceremony later this fall. Our flyers will now be located in the lobby at the Chamber as well.

We are growing and making ourselves more visible to our residents on a daily basis. We are now on Pinterest, Twitter, and have just recently started our own YouTube Channel; along with our already known accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Please feel free to forward this emailed newsletter on to anyone you feel would be interested in knowing more and staying posted in our growth within Larimer County.
Do you know a teen that would like to get involved as a Youth Ambassador for a local nonprofit?

Please share that PMHF is currently looking for a few dedicated and motivated teens who strive to help their community and lead others to do their part as well.
Without support from our local companies and community here in Larimer County, we couldn't continue to grow and be able to help our residents. Project Mental Health Freedom - PMHF is a 501c3 nonprofit in Larimer County - based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. We are here to bridge the gap for mental health care by assisting our residents with the out-of-pocket costs for their mental health treatments & maintenance. There are so many people who cannot afford the mental health support and treatments they so desperately need and deserve.

Help end this fight for so many and donate today!
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