PMI NYC Letter from the President
Thursday, May 6, 2021
Dear Members and Friends of PMI NYC,

The past 14 months have been a real challenge for just about everyone. The pandemic has affected every type of business, non-profit organization, the entertainment industry, educational institutions, and most public and government services, to name a few. My wife works at an emergency room at a hospital on Staten Island and she saw, every day, the effect of the virus on people and their families. She did bring home that experience and I saw how the daily exposure to this virus and to the people affected can wear a person down. The impact of the virus, change from the office to a virtual environment, and the “pause" we have all experienced has left a mark that will probably never fully heal.

I believe many of our members are first responders or have a first responder in their immediate families. Please express our thanks to them, on behalf of the chapter, for their dedication to the people of their communities and to the residents of NYC.

During this difficult time, the volunteers of the PMI NYC Chapter have been working diligently to continue offering programs, chapter meetings, outreach events, and other services to provide member value and to keep the chapter moving forward. I offer my personal thanks to our volunteers for the work they continue to do while balancing their professional and personal lives.

2021 is a big year for the Chapter. We will celebrate 35 years of operation as a PMI Chapter and we are looking at options to recognize this accomplishment. We are also looking at scheduling an in-person, member re-acquaintance and networking event and a resumption of breakfast round tables.

From a business perspective, the PMI NYC board has established the 2021 budget, the annual chapter renewal has been submitted on time, an annual planning document has been submitted to PMI GHQ, we had 4 chapter meetings, the chapter participated in 2 major outreach events with NPower and NYU, Professional Development has negotiated an excellent value program with the International Institute for Learning, the mentoring program is flourishing, and much more. The Technology Team is very focused on cybersecurity and is taking all necessary steps to protect chapter data and member information.

We do have several internal issues to address and our focus will be on enhancing the value of your membership experience. We held a member town hall meeting on April 12 and will schedule 3 more during 2021. These meetings provide you with direct access to the President and the Board members as a means to address your specific questions and to share your ideas.

We will be holding elections in the September – October timeframe which will allow for sufficient transition to occur. If you have the qualifications, consider a position on the board.

If you have any questions or have suggestions for chapter value enhancement, please contact me at

Thank you for your membership.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Frank P. Saladis PMP, PMI Fellow
Chapter President
PMI New York City Chapter