We all have been frustrated that our families are TOO BUSY. Suddenly they are not. All of us are scrambling to remake, rethink and offer faith and life connections in new ways. WHAT AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE!

As an organization we pride ourself in helping make heart-to-heart, person-to-person, face-to-face connections. Now here we are! The meaning of those words are even more crucial, only now our methods are social media, video chat platforms and phone calls.

People are already sensing the need for personal connections, for real conversations, with real people who care. In the days ahead I'll be sharing various ways Peer Ministry Leadership can participate in your ministries.

To begin, below are four resources that I think are must haves for our time.

As Always, Cheering you on!

Lyle Griner
National Peer Ministry Director
  • Toilet paper?
  • Beans?
  • Prayers? !
  • Conversational connections? !

61 small group faith and life discussions
15 unique and creative styles

Extremely popular!
"I built my whole year around these."

"Easy to use! I look at a lot of curriculums. Most use way to many words."

Video chat connecting with your youth?
Many are giving it a try!

You will find that most of these unique methods will work amazingly well!
All these methods are designed to jump start conversations quickly!

Everyone light their own candle.

As always, "Funnel" the group in. Start off lite and fun moving toward the personal and real.

Bigger groups? ZOOM allows you to move into small groups (conference rooms) for small group chats.

Consider your leaders, your Peer Ministers, each leading a group of four to six others. You can even meet with your leaders a few minutes before to help them prepare!
15 Mentoring ready to choose and use mentoring conversations.

Your youth need you, your adults need you.

As people already are feeling the need for human faith and life connections MENTORING conversations are one of the most effective faith formation tools.

Again the tools of video chats and social media are here for you!

Consider setting up one-to-one conversations between varioius ages and stages. 

I was listening to a group of high school youth reflect on their confirmation experience.

They asked, "Does anyone really remember anything from confirmation?"
"NO," they all agreed!
Then one person says, "You know what I do remember? I remember a lot of conversations I had with my mentor!"

One by one they all agreed, even talked about specifics.

MENTORING! Just do it!

54 interactive and creative prayer experiences

54 Creative experiences in three formats.
•  Flyers  for teaching one at a time.
•  Booklet  for all your group leaders.
•  Posters  for creating prayer stations.

Especially relevant are the 54 family style, ready to forward, devotional flyers that highlight various ways to share in faith and life at home.

Consider sharing one flyer every few days. Consider creating your own short video introduction. If you have a family consider short videos of your own family sharing and modeling these prayers. OR, EVEN BETTER ask various families in your congregation to provide videos. Can you imagine the power of seeing lots of families sharing in creative prayer formats!
16 ways to sit by a candle.

”Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God.” – Psalm 46:10 MSG

Full page and half page formats

Purchase once and have the rights to share with your whole congregation!

"How do I pray?" I'm always surprised that so many, even long time church people, ask this question. Prayer is more on people’s mind than ever. What a great opportunity for teaching prayer. These prayer methods are more of the personal, contemplative nature, the private prayers.

Consider your own video, social media posts demonstrating various prayer methods.

NEXT 16 DAYS... Watch for my own Facebook recordings on each prayer.

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