FoFF Partner Pamilya Muna Pilipinas Leads Filipino Family-Oriented Organizations to form Family Welfare Network Philippines
Strong families build strong communities. Strong communities build strong nations.
MANILA, PHILIPPINES - The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation's partner in the Philippines, Pamilya Muna Pilipinas (PMP), exists to help Filipino families grow stronger, healthier and more united. PMP recently joined with other organizations that also aim to guide and assist Filipino parents into becoming better dads and moms. Together they have formed the Family Welfare Network (FWN).
Pamilya Muna Pilipinas (PMP) is part of the Family First Asia network, which works throughout Asia to support and empower men and women to strengthen their marriages and build stronger families. Family First Asia is the Asian partner of the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation. The two organizations work closely together to promote Fatherhood, Family and Faith in the nations they work in. PMP joins Family First Asia in bringing this vision to Filipino families, believing that every human being is of infinite worth and that the best place to discover this is in the home. PMP promotes activities that helps families to be stronger, happier, and more united. This partnership is an extension of the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation, which exists to strengthen fathers, family and faith in the United States and around the world.
F amily Welfare Network
Family Welfare Network members (Left to Right)
Top Row: Ernie Tanchi, Jebo Banzuelo, Vano Legaspi, Alvin Villegas, John Bertiz, Noel Pantoja, Norman Zara, Jess Curabo, Glenn Yu, and Robby de Luzuriaga. 
Bottom Row : Meggie Ochoa, Elaine Joseph, Susan Cucio, Grace Sumbillo, and Pine Gutierrez.
Family Welfare Network was initially envisioned by a joint concept of PMP and Philippines Without Orphans, headed by Robby de Luzuriaga. These two family-centered organizations invited others that are like-minded to be part of a wider network on behalf of Filipino families: Philippine Children's Ministry Network, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Operation Compassion, 4/14 Window, The World Needs a Father, Family Commission of Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, and Operation Christmas Child of Samaritan's Purse have jointed to form FWN. Additionally, Congressman John Bertiz, party list representative of Overseas Filipino Workers (ACTS-OFW) in the House of Representatives, has also given his support for FWN.

Read more about PMP on its website, You can learn more about Family First Asia at and Fellowship of Fathers Foundation at