Issue #9
UCSF Leaders and Experts Evoke Lively Discussions at 2022 Precision Medicine World Conference
Back in person, UCSF experts and thought leaders participated in nearly 30 presentations and panels over the 3-day Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC). The "UC Precision Medicine Programs: Achievements and Challenges" and "Realizing the Promise of Precision Medicine and Real-World Evidence" were among the many sessions led by UCSF speakers.
Blood Tests in Newly Brain-Injured Patients Predict Death, Severe Disability
Co-senior author of the study, Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD, professor and vice chair of Neurosurgery at UCSF, said these blood tests are “both diagnostic and prognostic,” as well as easy to administer, swift and inexpensive.
Precision Medicine in Action
Scientists Map Networks of Disease-Associated Immune Genes
The new immune networks have implications for developing immunotherapies and understanding autoimmune diseases.
A Brain Tumor Patient Celebrates Survival
UCSF patient Cheryl Broyles was diagnosed with glioblastoma - her survival has been the result of luck, tumor location, and cutting-edge treatment and diagnostics. A tumor specimen was sequenced using the UCSF 500 Cancer Gene Panel. It identified two potential chemo drugs usually only used for melanoma. Those drugs were credited for keeping her tumors stable. Read UCSF interactive article
For Checking Blood Pressure at Home, Basic Cuffs Are Just as Good
UCSF-led National Study Shows Enhanced Smartphone Monitors Don’t Outperform Standard Devices. Read article
Honors & Awards
UCSF Precision Medicine Platform Committee member, director of the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) and associate vice chancellor for Clinical Research Harold "Hal" Collard has been name UCSF Vice Chancellor for Research. Read UCSF Announcement

2022 UC Tech Conference: The highest Golden Award honor of the Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology went to Lakshmi Radhakrishnan, Gundolf Schenk, Kathleen Muenzen, Boris Oskotsky, Sharat Israni, and Atul Butte for "De-identifying Clinical Notes at Scale Project." Read UC Announcement
September 8-10, 2022
San Diego, CA. Session III - Panel Session on "Economic Barriers and Predictive Value to Genome Sequencing in Precision Medicine" w/ UCSF’s Kathryn Phillips, Chair, and Keith Yamamoto. See Agenda
September 20, 2022
Bakar Institute Grand Rounds: Learn how cancer data is being utilized to derive critical insights for patient care. Byers Auditorium, 4-5pm with reception to follow. Learn more
September 29, 2022
UCSF Institute for Human Genetics Genotech Symposium: Collaboration and cross-fertilization between industry and academia in genetics and genomics
January 25-27, 2023
Office of Science Policy & Strategy
President Biden Signs CHIPS and Science Act
Speaker Nancy Pelosi hosted a press event in San Francisco with Vice Chancellor of Science Policy & Strategy, Keith Yamamoto, who delivered remarks starting at 26:42. Watch here
A Stand-Alone CHIPS Bill Helps China by Limiting US Innovation
Keith Yamamoto co-wrote this Op-Ed for The Hill with Mary Woolley (Research America) strongly opposing the trending view at that time to support only the $52B benefit for Chips research and manufacture, cleaving away the $170B authorization for science and STEM education. Fortunately, their view prevailed. Read here

President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act on August 9th - Yamamoto, Woolley and others who shaped the bill attended the signing in Washington DC. See Related Press Coverage
From left: Keith Yamamoto with Congressman Bill Foster from Illinois, the only PhD scientist in Congress, and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson from Texas, Chair of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee.
From left: Keith Yamamoto; Victor Dzau, President of the National Academy of Medicine; Gilda Barabino, President of AAAS and President of Olin College of Engineering; Sudip Parikh, CEO of AAAS. 
The Elements of Precision Medicine