Give a Symbol of Hope: The BELIEVE Necklace
Consider this as a gift option for your family and friends. It gently spreads awareness & imparts a message of healing.........


Join the fight for our children. The PANDAS/PANS/AE necklace is a perfect way to share your intention. 30% of sales goes to further research and awareness.

Words have power. Collectively we stand with COURAGE for our children. We share our TRUTH. We HOPE for early diagnosis and treatment without barriers. We have FAITH that our message will be heard. We BELIEVE in change. Choose your word and raise your voice so our children can have theirs back.   

A special thank you to Heart on your Wrist for partnering with us to develop our sterling silver, gold filled necklaces and key chain.
Choose your preferred word for the front of your charm

All necklaces are available in sterling silver or gold-filled

Charm measures 3/4"

A key ring for the man in your life is available here

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