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As Far As You Can Go Before You Have To Come Back

A Novel

Alle C. Hall

“A rare novel” (Jamie Ford) offers “one of the strongest authorial voices I’ve heard” (Anna Quinn). 

With an excerpt named as the finalist for The Lascaux Prize, this Seattle writer’s girl-and-her-backpack debut jumps from Seattle to Southeast Asia, and lands in Japan. A teenaged incest survivor travels The Lonely Planet path of hookups, heat, alcohol and drugs, ultimately seeking the self-respect ripped from her as a child and the healthy sexuality she desires.  

Black Rose Writing, 978-1-68513-147-0, $19.95, March 2, 2023

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Baseline Road

Orlando Davidson

Debut novel from Portland author, Orlando Davidson. An economics professor is killed in a 1970 campus bombing. The FBI arrests a known radical. Case closed. Two years later an old hippie claims that the Feds got it wrong. Now detectives Jimmy Sommes and Carol Loomis reopen the case. As their investigation stretches from Baseline Road in San Bernardino County to Portland, they uncover a web of secrets and deceit and must evade a vicious hitman.

Artemesia Publishing, 9781951122447, $16.95, Jan 24, 2023

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But First You Need a Plan

K. L. Anderson

“Gorgeous descriptions, and unforgettable characters” Ann Hood, NYT bestselling author and prize judge.

As the Irvings head into their second decade of marriage, they’ve mostly abandoned their dreams and are committed to just getting by. But on a warm night in October, a falling woman changes everything. A masterful weave of secrets and of crimes old and new, But First You Need a Plan abounds with thrill, urgency, and the threads that will remind us all of our finite time.

Leapfrog Press, 9781948585712, $16.95, Available Now

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A Cold Day For Murder

Dana Stabenow

'An antidote to sugary female sleuths: Kate Shugak, the Aleut private investigator.' New York Time. 

The Edgar Award-winning introduction to private investigator Kate Shugak, A Cold Day for Murder is the first in Dana Stabenow's critically acclaimed Kate Shugak Mysteries. Dana Stabenow was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised on a 75-foot fishing tender. Follow Dana at 

Head of Zeus, 9781804549551, $15.99, Jan 5, 2023

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Extreme Vetting

Roxana Arama

An immigration lawyer fights to keep her client from being deported and losing his family. But those who want him gone will stop at nothing—including murder. Set against the backdrop of Seattle, Extreme Vetting features corruption and crime, bravery and belonging. In this fast-paced legal thriller, Arama highlights the challenges immigrants can face when building a home in a new land. Romanian American author Arama lives in Seattle. Extreme Vetting is her first novel.

Ooligan Press, 9781947845381, $18.00, February 7, 2023

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The House of Lincoln

Nancy Horan

Washington state resident and author of the million-copy New York Times bestseller Loving Frank, Nancy Horan returns with a sweeping historical novel, which tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s ascendance from rumpled lawyer to U.S. president to the Great Emancipator through the eyes of a young asylum-seeker who arrives in Lincoln’s home of Springfield, Illinois from Madeira, Portugal.


Sourcebooks Landmark, 9781728260549, $27.99

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A Quitter's Paradise

Elysha Chang

Eleanor is doing just fine. Sure, she’s hiding things from her husband. True, she quit her PhD program and is now conducting unauthorized research on illegitimately procured mice. And yes, her mother is dead, and Eleanor has yet to go through her things. What shape can grief take when you didn’t understand the person you’ve lost? Why is it that what holds a family together can also be what pulls it apart? 

SJP Lit, an imprint of Zando, 9781638930525, $27.95, June 6,2023

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How to Be Awkward

Amanda Turner

New York Times bestselling Idaho author Amanda Turner (This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store, as AK Turner) returns with more hilarity and embarrassment. “Endlessly hilarious… Constantly relatable… a worthy addition to Turner’s impressive, award-winning repertory.” -Kirkus Reviews. “Turner’s genius lies in her anecdotal storytelling cloaked in universally relatable fears and public displays of embarrassment… Great for fans of Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? or Laurie Notaro’s The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club.” -BookLife Reviews. 

Fever Streak Press, 978-0998654133, $16.95, September 22, 2022

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Not Too Late

Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunataua

A book for anyone who is despondent, anxious, or unsure about climate change and seeking answers. As the contributors to this volume make clear, the future will be decided by whether we act in the present—and we must act to counter institutional inertia, fossil fuel interests, and political obduracy.

"Two of our greatest climate voices have rounded up many more realistic and determined colleagues who help us see the path ahead much more clearly!" —Bill McKibben


Haymarket Books, 978-1-64259-897-1, $16.95, April 4, 2023

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Stomp and Shout

R&B and the Origins of Northwest Rock and Roll

Peter Blecha

Peter Blecha, Director of the Northwest Music Archives and a founding curator of Seattle's EMP Museum (now MoPOP), tells the story of music in the Pacific Northwest from the 1940s to the 1960s, a golden era that shaped generations of musicians to come. Highlighting key but overlooked figures and offering a fresh take on well-known musicians, Blecha shows how an isolated region managed to launch influential new sounds upon an unsuspecting world. 

University of Washington Press, 9780295751252, $29.95, April 11, 2023

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Quenton Baker

Quenton Baker uses Senate documents from the 1841 slave revolt that happened aboard the brig Creole to tell a poetic story of Black resistance and strength through erasures. 135 people escaped chattel slavery because of the revolt. Ballast has a high visual aesthetic connected to anti-capitalist and liberation themes. It is a defiant reclamation of one of the most important but overlooked events in US history. Quenton lives in Seattle and is a Cavee Canem fellow. 

Haymarket Books, 9781642599022, $18.00, April 4, 2023

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Young Adult

Shadow Sister

Lily Meade

Gripping and emotional, this YA thriller follows the intertwined stories of two sisters after one disappears...then returns, changed in ways that trauma alone can't explain. Perfect for fans of emotional suspense, speculative fiction, and diverse books featuring strong female leads. Author Lily Meade is a biracial Black woman living outside of Seattle and this is her debut novel which was a finalist for the Eleanor Taylor Bland award for emerging writers.

Sourcebooks Fire, 9781728264479, $18.99

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Rise to the Sky

How the World's Tallest Trees Grow Up

Rebecca E. Hirsch, Illustrated by Mia Posada

Trees are the tallest living things on Earth. But how do they grow to be so tall? Science writer Rebecca E. Hirsch presents a poetic introduction to the tree life cycle in Rise to the Sky. Accompanied by Mia Posada's detailed collage illustrations, this book features the tallest tree species from around the world, including the coast redwood, the Sitka spruce, the giant sequoia, and the coast Douglas Fir.

Millbrook Press/Lerner Publishing Group, 9781728440873, $20.99, April 4, 2023

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