Presbytery of Northern Kansas Newsletter -
January 21, 2021
Presbytery News
Upcoming Presbytery Meeting
Tuesday, February 9th
Virtual Meeting via Zoom
Mark your calendar and watch for more information. Be sure your Session has appointed an elder commissioner for all 2021 Presbytery Meetings.
Change to the Mileage Rate
Loving Our Neighbors as Ourselves
In the gospel of Mark, Jesus commands us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” That commandment calls us to reach out to care for other people, but it also calls us to take care of ourselves.   The Nurture and Evangelism Committee at Salina Sunrise Presbyterian Church wanted to encourage the congregation to live into both sides of this commandment. They worried that as the pandemic wears on and tragic events unfold in our county, it is very easy to stop taking care of ourselves and to slip into depression and despair. They brainstormed and offered two ideas to help the congregation.

We have a weekly email prayer concern list. We have added a category to the list: CARING FOR OURSELVES. Each week will offer a simple, easy way to care for ourselves or to reach out of ourselves such as “Do a random act of kindness for someone.” Or “Put on some fun music and dance by yourself and move your body.” The goal is to promote self-care so that we are able to reach out and care for others.

The five committee members agreed to contact five members of the congregation. They will do this by text, email, cards, notes, or phone calls. They will ask each recipient to pay the contact forward by contacting another member of the congregation. Hopefully, this will encourage regular messages of support among the congregation.
New in the Resource Center
Visit the Resource Center Online Catalog at -- where you can find the Titles, the Type, a Brief Description and Availability of All the Resources in the Resource Center.

To Reserve or Check Out Resources: Call Toll Free 1-877-777-5310,  Local calls 785-825-1655,  EMAIL:
An introduction to the Way of Love for children and their families.
Download the lesson plan that includes discussion questions and activities for churches and families. A selection of coloring pages from the book are also available.

ALAS! LAMENT FOR AMERICA by Crawford Brubaker
Reminds us that crying out to God, speaking truth to power, and confessing our own sin and suffering are all deep spiritual acts that can be discovered through the expression of lament.

GRACE WILL LEAD US HOME: The Charleston Church massacre and the Hard, Inspiring Journey to Forgiveness by Jennifer Berry Hawes

A new collection of stories and sermons of faith, grace, and hope.

Programs, Events, Workshops
Year of Leader Formation -
A Message from the PC(USA)
As Christians, we are in a continuous process of growth in relationship with God, each other, and self. This is also true of those who have been called to service in the ordered ministries of the church.

During 2021, resources specifically geared toward this growth as well as the ecclesial development of Presbyterian leaders will be provided for those currently serving and those preparing to serve PC(USA) congregations as ruling elders and deacons. Focused in large part around the new resource, Coming Alive in Christ: Training for Ruling Elders and Deacons Based on the Constitutional Questions, the Year of Leader Formation will also include a webinar series, a formation focus within the existing Regarding Ruling Elders articles, a new hymn, and other resources throughout 2021. Events, announcements, and links will be available and updated on the Year of Leader Formation webpage.

To receive periodic email updates subscribe here. For more information, contact Martha Miller.
The Good News
The Spirit Moves... Even Digitally
Frankfort 1st Presbyterian church was blessed late December when they welcomed Jim Medearis as a new member.

Even in this time of separation the Spirit has been moving, prodding and preparing the church to continue as the church. As Jim tells us "God told me 'It's time to put some icing on the cake'" God has not stayed silent even in such a strange digital time.

Not only did our digital world yield a way to broaden God's family, it allowed Frankfort to share their joy with the three other congregations that share in the ministry life. Frankfort is one of a four church ministry partnership. The four congregations have always engaged in ministry together, sharing a pastor, worshiping together, sharing confirmation classes and other resources. This is the first time they were able to celebrate as one body in the welcoming of a new member to one of the partner churches. 
When You Are Missing the Falcons
Fairview Presbyterian Church is located across the road from Riley County High School whose mascot is the Falcons.

During the school year, church members prepare a lunch for students after school on game days, but they were unable to do that this year because of Covid-19. Wanting to let students know how much they missed seeing them, the session and Presbyterian Women had a 4'x8' sign made to place in their front yard as a Christmas greeting to students, staff and the public who travel the road.

The Fairview Church is part of the Riley County Larger Parish, Rev. Gerry Sharp pastor.
Drive Through Mission
On Saturday, December 5, West Side Lawrence held its first Drive Through Mission event to support local non-profits. We collected over 250 cans of food for a neighboring church's food bank; blankets and sleeping bags, warm hats and gloves, face masks, and travel size toiletries for those experiencing homelessness in Lawrence, and chose gifts to purchase for the Ballard Center Adopt-A-Family Christmas program. This was a successful non-contact event which also gave our volunteers the opportunity to say hello to fellow congregants and be together in mission. We were blessed with good weather and a spirit of thankfulness. Pastor Debbie Garber.
Please contact the Presbytery Office with any joys or concerns you would like to have added to the PNK Prayer List.