Greetings Housers,

As we are pressing toward a successful October, I want to be sure that I first of all thank you for your commitment to the work. Many of you have taken on a heightened load- working on solutions for your communities, advocating for the necessary resources for your housing authority, volunteering with likeminded neighbors and friends and taking care of yourself and your family. Your hard work is noticed, needed, and definitely appreciated.

As we are an A-political organization, that advocates for EVERYONE in need of housing, I will not give any political leanings, but will say this: please utilize your right to vote. Our industry needs the resources, both locally and nationally, and we know that voting heavily guides the outcomes the lead to the solutions we work with and for. Again- just vote 😊.

As usual- stay healthy, and stay safe.

Cupid S. Alexander
PNRC Regional