On 20th anniversary of 9/11, Firefighters in Anchorage Honor Those Who Made ‘Supreme Sacrifice’
“Today we honor one of our own with a permanent place in our hearts and in the wall behind me,” Schrage said. “Twenty years from now and 20 years after that, you will find us here, and all throughout America, putting on our best uniforms, displaying the names of our 9/11 heroes, placing flags and sounding the last alarm.”
Earlier in the day, Anchorage resident Mike Webb saw his neighbor standing outside, holding up an American flag on an Abbott Road sidewalk for a period of time that spanned the duration of the Sept. 11 attacks. Read More.....
Federal Agencies ‘Pause and Remember’ 9/11 on 20th Anniversary of Attacks
As we pass the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, federal agencies are commemorating lives lost and sharing how the tragedy impacted their missions.
“The day America lost its innocence––September 11, 2001––is forever etched in my memory,” said Archivist of the United States David Ferriero, in a press release on August 30. “On a management retreat with my Duke Libraries senior staff, we watched as the second plane hit and then the collapse of the towers. Stunned silence, shock, tears and the realization that we, at last, were as vulnerable as the rest of the world. It is important that we, the holders of the federal government records documenting this event, pause and remember.” Read More…..
NAHRO President Sunny Shaw has challenged each state chapter and region to donate a basket of items, which will be auctioned off to benefit the NAHRO Merit College Scholarship! Each gift basket should donate items reflective of the region’s unique character!  

If you are interested in donating to meet President’s Shaw challenge, please send us photos and descriptions of all items, so they can be included in pre-auction promotions. Submitting your photos early will enable us to include your items in marketing materials about “NAHRO Dollars for Scholars.” Please send photos and descriptions to: pnrc@nahro.org.
All items must be received by October 1st.  
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**Proceeds will benefit the NAHRO Merit College Scholarship program** 
Should you have any questions please contact the
PNRC NAHRO Service Office @ 202-580-7203

We are challenging each PNRC NAHRO board member to donate a $50 gift card from their agency to the PNRC basket for the NAHRO Dollars for Scholars Auction. Lets make the PNRC basket the "one to get" this year!
Dozens of Homeless Veterans get COVID-19 Vaccine, Social Services at Annual Fair
On a gray, cloudy Friday morning outside Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Angelo Domena rolled up his sleeve and ended months of debate by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
“Lord, [I was] nervous,” said the U.S. Navy and Desert Storm veteran. “But I was talking to my daughter on the phone, and she was telling me ‘Hey, Dad. I got mine. Get yours.’”
It helped that the shot, a single dose of Johnson and Johnson, was offered in a familiar setting: the 2021 Portland Veterans Stand Down. It’s an annual event, sponsored by the local nonprofit Transition Projects and aimed at helping homeless veterans.
They hold it every year around September 11 to thank veterans for their sacrifice.
Normally, the Stand Down is held inside with huge crowds, but with the pandemic still raging, that wasn't possible. This year, staff and volunteers held the event outside Veterans Memorial Coliseum. They handed out info on jobs and passed out close to 300 duffel bags, stuffed with clothes and hygiene products. Some of those bags were handed out at the event. Staff and volunteers drove dozens directly to veterans at local shelters and camps.
The pandemic isolated everyone. It’s taken an especially tough toll, organizers said, on veterans. Read More.....
Vancouver Housing Authority Turning Hotel into Homeless Shelter
Construction is underway on a hotel that’s transforming into a homeless shelter in Vancouver, Wash. Vancouver Housing Authority purchased a 63-room Howard Johnson franchise hotel in February to convert into a shelter open 24/7. This will be the fourth shelter owned by VHA and operated by service providers in Clark County, Wash.; in this case, Catholic Community Services of Western Washington will run the shelter. It’s located near public services, employment and a transit center. The shelter, called Bertha Cain Baugh Place or Bertha’s Place, is named after a local educator and founding member of the NAACP Vancouver branch. Those staying at Bertha’s Place will have their own private rooms and restrooms, features that help people feel safer and successfully transition from homelessness to housing. An opening is slated for November. Development Director Victor Caesar said upgrades to the building’s exterior include making the parking lot ADA-accessible, building an accessible pathway to an outdoor gazebo and upgrading the security systems. Four bathrooms are also in need of ADA upgrades. Contractors are building a secure entry vestibule and offices. The indoor pool was filled and will become a community room. And, one of the hotel rooms will be taken offline and turned into a break room for shelter staff. Rehabbing a hotel is a great way to get more homeless beds or permanent housing faster than starting from the ground up, said VHA Development Director
Victor Caesar. The process will take less than a year, he said. That’s in comparison to the typical three to five years it takes to build a project from scratch. A $5.1 million grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s new Rapid Capital Housing Acquisition program almost entirely covers the property’s purchase. The program’s first phase of funding was limited to organizations acquiring properties capable of housing people swiftly, with minimal updates and with evidence of local support. This grant helps VHA leverage funds from the City of Vancouver, Clark County and Community Foundation for Southwest Washington. Caesar emphasized that having great working relationships with these partners allowed resources to be pulled together and expedited the process when the opportunity to purchase the hotel became available. Additionally, the City of Vancouver, amended its municipal code to make it explicit that using the former hotel as a shelter is an allowed use which has been a challenge for some communities. Andy Silver, the housing authority’s COO, said by being open 24/7, clients won’t have to leave Bertha’s Place during the day and can work with staff to determine their best path out of homelessness. Bertha’s Place will serve single women, couples where the head of household is a woman, and seniors age 55 and older. Clark County Community Services and local homeless service provider Council for the Homeless looked at data on who is seeking shelter to determine where gaps exist. A coordinated entry system will refer people to the shelter. While VHA owns the building, it has a lease agreement with Catholic Community Services to run the shelter. Silver sees the future staff as connectors; they’re connecting people to resources whether that’s employment, housing assistance or behavioral health. One of the challenges so far has been hiring staff while the end date for rehabilitation is still fluid. “Trying to combine those two schedules has been really difficult,” Silver said. Funding for shelter operations will come from a variety of state, federal and local sources. After funding is expended in 2-3 years, VHA plans to convert the facility into permanent affordable housing. 
The Housing Shortage Is Significant. It's Acute For Small, Entry-Level Homes
America's roaring real estate boom is leaving millions of would-be homebuyers out in the cold. The problem is most severe in that corner of the market that once propelled the American dream: the small entry-level home.
"I would like to a have a space with a yard, like 900 square feet," says Mat Pergens, 39, who repairs and installs garage doors in and around Reno, Nev. "Simple cabinets, simple countertops, Shag carpeting. I don't care. I just want four walls and a roof that I can afford."
But his aspiration for a modest starter home is completely out of reach. The country is nearly 4 million homes short of demand, according to the mortgage giant Freddie Mac.
Like many American cities, Reno is undergoing a homebuying frenzy, with rapidly escalating prices. Home values in Reno have gone up 27% in the past year. With an influx of affluent Silicon Valley workers driving the market, luxury is trumping affordability. Read More.....
House Committee Proposes $80B Infrastructure Investment in Public Housing
Historic housing infrastructure legislation was released overnight, proposing over $300 billion in investments in housing, including $80 billion in the Public Housing Capital Fund and $75 billion in new incremental vouchers.
The House Financial Services Committee text is their portion of the $3.5 trillion infrastructure legislation expected to move through Congress this fall. Earlier this summer, Congress approved a budget resolution that provided committees with broad instructions on how to write the infrastructure legislation. (Please note that this is a distinct bill and process that is separate from the $1 trillion bipartisan package agreed to in principle this summer.) The budget resolution instructed the Financial Services Committee to spend $332 billion on housing and transportation programs. The text released overnight details over $300 billion in housing investments, which demonstrates that housing is a top priority for lawmakers. Read More.....
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What is Virtual Classroom?
Multi-day training delivered in a modular and a web-based format. Participants register individually and access the sessions with a direct email. Sessions are typically 3 hours (1:30-4:30pm ET) and spread out. This allows participants to balance learning with other work responsibilities. Attendance is recorded and upon successful completion, CEUs are applied towards certification requirements. Distance learnings are meant to be interactive. Participants will engage with the faculty member by discussions, polls and utilizing a chat feature.

Available Virtual Classrooms:

November 1-5: Family Self-Sufficiency

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Bolster Your Cyber Defenses With Data Backups
Cybercriminals would like nothing more than to hold your housing organization's system and sensitive data hostage. Their goal is to force you to pay a ransom to regain access and prevent data leaks. Even if you train employees on the signs of common cybersecurity attacks, keep your systems patched, manage access to vital assets, and use the most sophisticated antivirus detection system, the risk of a cybersecurity breach remains. 

If cybercriminals breach your system, all isn't necessarily lost, as long as you have the right backup system in place. Jonathan Hochman, founder of Hochman Consultants, a firm specializing in website development and internet security, sat down with HAI Group to explain how backups work and how housing organizations should approach backing up data. Read More.....
Dear NAHRO Family:
We achieved something extraordinary this August. Thanks to your hard work and leadership, NAHRO members sent more than 43,000 letters to Congress and the White House during our August Advocacy campaign. I can’t thank you enough for ensuring that NAHRO’s voice is heard loudly and clearly in Washington, D.C. Congratulations to all of you! And congratulations to the Legislative Network Advisory Committee and Chair Jennifer Keogh, who led the charge!
When I served as the Chair of the Legislative Network, one of our goals was to increase member engagement. In August of 2019, you sent more than 8,500 letters to Congress, more than double our initial goal. At that time, it was the biggest increase in advocacy participation in NAHRO history. I am so proud that record has been shattered. 43,000+ letters represent more than just an unprecedented level of engagement by NAHRO members. They also underscore our agencies’ urgent need for more programs and resources to help millions of low-income people who need safe housing and critical services.
You and I know that our work is vitally important. But too often, policymakers have not understood what we do or have made the decision to focus on different priorities. Your 43,000 letters helped change that.
While you may not have received personalized responses to all of your letters, we’ve learned through conversations with Congressional offices that your messages have triggered many internal conversations about housing and community development programs. And some Members of Congress who have been on the sidelines now seem to be more engaged, and to have a better understanding of what is at stake. But our work is not done.
September has the potential to be one of the most consequential months in recent memory for housing and community development programs. Congress is crafting a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package that could preserve public and affordable housing for future generations and expand an array of critical programs. Major economic decisions are also being made that may impact Transportation-HUD spending in 2022 and beyond.
Please continue to use NAHRO’s Advocacy Center to engage your Members of Congress. Please continue to let your Senators and Representatives know about the important work you and your agencies are doing to benefit their constituents and communities. Most importantly, please join us for the NAHRO Online National Conference, October 7-8, as we continue to discuss key policies and strategies which have the potential to shape our industry for decades. Thank you again for speaking up on behalf of your residents and our communities. Together, WE ARE NAHRO.

Mike Gerber