2022 | Week 14
52 Hikes | 52 Homes
“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - a glance at 52 weeks of my PNW adventures!

Powered by passion and inspired by the Northwest, join me as I journey through life as an entrepreneur on a mission to make a difference in the lives of others, and in our community… one step at a time, one week at a time.
This week, I decided to check out a place I'd never been. With so many unique places to explore, I set out to summit one of Washington's 93 lookout towers...

Located just outside of Index, Washington - Heybrook Lookout is a short, yet steep hike through a lush forest where at the top, you are greeted by a wooden tower that was built in 1925. After taking this photo, and a few deep breaths, I climbed the 89 stairs - expanding my view with each [fearful] step.

Did you know I am afraid of Heights?

When something scares me, especially when I do something for the first time, I start by telling myself that "I can" & "I will"... and then I take it one step at a time. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And because of this, I know that I can not only overcome my challenges… but act in spite of them. This may have been my first time here, but it won't be my last...
Curious what's on the forecast? This week, I attended an event in Seattle and listened to what experts had to say regarding the trends in our HOT PNW Real Estate market & what to expect moving forward, based on facts of course.

Although opinions may be bias, data never lies. Interest rates are rising and we are seeing more homes are hit the market. Needless to say, now is the time to sell… and I can help!!

I am currently taking new clients, clients who are motivated to act now!! As your local licensed real estate agent, I am here to help my clients get the best return on their investments. 💰💰💰

Do you know anyone who could use my help? Someone who is ready to list their home? Regardless of the condition, or location, if it’s in Washington State...

The 52 Difference.
Do you have old electronics taking up space? Join me in helping keep our earth GREEN by bringing your old electronics to be recycled at our free event.

On Saturday, April 23rd from 9am - 1pm we will have 3R Technology available at our office to properly recycle your old/unused electronics! Here is what they will be able to take:

  • TVs & Monitors
  • Computers & Laptops
  • Cell Phones & Tablets
  • Keyboards, Mice, & Cables
  • Microwaves
  • Servers & Networking Equipment
  • Printers, Fax Machines, & Scanners
  • AV Equipment (DVD/VHS/Stereo Units)
  • UPS Battery Backups

Century 21 Real Estate Center | 19020 33rd Avenue West | Suite 300 | Lynnwood, WA
Support Local.

"Hi, I’m Daniel Madrigal, Drone Pilot/Owner at PNW Drone Photography. Being a part of PNW52 has helped me create weekly goals, and keep those goals top of mind, holding myself accountable.

Life’s not about taking, it’s about giving back. So my goal was to find a way to give back to the community, and in line with that goal, I decided to start spotlighting a local business each week. I’m always searching for small businesses that are making an impact in our community. Each week, I go out and do a free photo/drone shoot for them, and I share their business on my social media accounts to help promote their products or services.

I’m always looking to team up with great realtors and continue providing quality photos for their listings. I’m continuously setting new goals for myself and my business, and as I continue to grow, my mission remains the same: keep using my drone lens to show off the wonderful place we call home!"

THIS IS SO AMAZING DANIEL... and your videos are amazing!!! Thank you so much for giving back to others on a weekly basis and for making a positive impact in the place we call home, the PNW.
Hi! My name is Rachel Lloyd and I am on a mission each year to summit 52 hikes and sell 52 homes, one per week. As your local licensed real estate agent and outdoor enthusiast, I am passionate about reaching my goals, and want you to reach yours too! If efforts to inspire you to summit your goals, I created THE.HEMP.HIKER - an eco friendly hat designed with accountability in mind, a TOP of MIND reminder to make every week, your week.

If you are interested in buying, selling or investing in the Northwest, I am the ideal agent to guide you on your adventure and help you summit your real estate goals... one step at a time, one week at a time.
"Together we can move mountains, and it all starts by working with someone you trust."
Fueled by Woods.
Are you thirsty for a new adventure?

Whether you are dreaming about climbing that mountain, buying that home, or simply trying to make it through your workday, we are here to FUEL YOUR ADVENTURE.