2022 | Week 27

52 Hikes | 52 Homes

"Not all who wander are lost...

some are on vacation."

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - 52 weeks of my PNW adventures! (OOO edition)

From the sea to the summit, join me as I journey through life as an entrepreneur who is on a mission to make a difference, one week at a time.

How was your week? Here's a glance at mine...


This week... my hiking adventures looked a little different as I was out of town for my cousin's wedding. (Congrats Makenna and Austin - Love you both so much!!) When planning my trip to Hawaii, I knew I wanted to hike - I just didn't really know what that meant. What is hiking like in Maui? I think I was imagining bamboo forests and tons of waterfalls but that is not what I saw. My first adventure was along a bluff and was called 'Ironwood Cliffs' - where you hike on a very dry ocean-side ridge that leads to the most incredible teal water I had ever seen. This hike is popular as many come here just to jump in! Next, I discovered a place that was literally called 'The Magical Enchanted Forest' that was so surreal. I am pretty sure there was every kind of tropical plant/tree here and it smelled like what you imagine Hawaii to smell like - paradise. The trees act as a canopy as you head towards the Honolua Bay - where I snorkeled in the salty sea and swam with the fish! It was truly a magical experience. Last, but not least - I went to the Moon. Not really, but that's what it felt like on the hike to the 'Blowhole'. Yes, blowhole. I hiked the northern coast through lava fields to a hole that catches the ocean's current & on a good day, will shoot water hundreds of feet in the air. I saw it blow a few times, more like spit-ups, but it was still neat to see how temperamental and powerful the ocean can be. I think what surprised me most about hiking on the island was the amount of warning/danger signs that are posted along each and every hike I went on. Either they really like to play it safe or I was in some crazy places... either way - I survived and am grateful for the opportunity to summit my goals, even when I am on vacation. 


Even though I was out of the office, I was still able to help one of my clients from afar! He messaged me regarding a home he wanted to see, so I went to work and was able to schedule a showing for him the next day! He saw the home and decided it wasn't 'the one' so we are going to continue on with our search for the perfect home! I am grateful for the opportunity to help my clients, no matter where I am. 

Did you know that I am looking to help more clients reach their Real Estate goals?

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The 52 Difference.
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"Summit your goals, one week at a time."
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"Growing up everyone had those goals that seemed a little too good to be true, I myself was one of those people. I always wanted to be something that was the gold standard of jobs, the 1% that got to enjoy something no one else would get the chance to. As I grew though, I slowly came to the realization that reality and non-realistic goals don't coincide well. So I always kept a level head working towards goals I know are reachable for me. At 20 years old I set a path of goals that I plan to reach in the next 10 years. These goals are nothing less than fancy, and aren't goals some will think are big enough, but they get me out of bed every day, make me put my thinking hat on, and give me the power I need to continue down the road and be where I see myself in the next 6 years.

I started 10-year year goal at the bottom, fresh out of school, wondering what was next. I always knew I wanted to be wealthy enough to comfortably raise a family, have a nice home over their head, food in the pantry and a nice vehicle to get them to sporting events. I never went to college, I didn't have the best grades and definitely didn't have the motivation when I was a young and dumb teenager. I grew to fall in love with real estate roughly 2 years ago. I knew working hand in hand with investors, I wanted to be where they were. I checked one of my first goals off the list by going out on a limb and selling myself to a small company of real estate investors. This almost 2 years ago was the gun being shot at the start of the race. I learn more and more every single day while being given the opportunities to see firsthand how real estate works as a whole.

With that being said my next goal, which leads into the next 6 years till I'm 30 years old is, to start buying properties. I want to break the stigma that most first-time home buyers are above the age of 30. I want to own a handful of duplexes, create passive income and learn how to be a good landlord. I want to build equity and continue my knowledge of properties and real estate as a whole. I think these goals are realistic, I am working my butt off every day in preparation for my first property. With the help of my bosses along the way, I'm almost able to check another goal off the list.

For what comes after my 10 years goal, honestly.... I'm not sure. At age 30 I'll make another 10-year goal list and start working towards that. I feel more than confident that if I keep my head up and work hard I will make it down the road to my destination. I want to also thank my amazing cousin Rachel, she's a real go-getter and shows me that it can all be done by pure determination. I know I can always shoot ideas and questions off her without the fear of sounding dumb. Goals are different for everyone, and I know mine. Now it's time to make them a reality."

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your goals Brier!! I am so proud of you and am looking forward to seeing you summit your short and long term goals! You got this!!



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