2022 | Week 29

52 Hikes | 52 Homes

"Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try."

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - 52 weeks of my PNW adventures! 

From the sea to the summit, join me as I journey through life as an entrepreneur who is on a mission to make a difference, one week at a time.

How was your week? Here's a glance at mine...



This week... I decided to take a walk down memory lane and visit a trail near where I grew up - called the Japanese Gulch. Did you know that I grew up next to a beach? And near this beach, there are several trails that allow you to see all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

My family is visiting from out of town so I thought it would be a fun idea to explore our old stomping grounds. Although this trail isn't in the mountains, we had a great time out in nature. The lush "jungle" as my niece would say was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was ideal. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping as we crossed over several little wooden bridges - all the way to the beach! We enjoyed some snacks as the waves crashed upon the shore and then filled out backpacks with lots of shells!

Another amazing week.

Another amazing adventure.



Welcome to modern meets vintage living! My client is going to love all the natural light, original touches, and custom updates in this 5 bedroom charmer. This adorable home offers a spacious living room and dining room with charming built-in coves - too cute. And it has a beautifully updated large eat-in kitchen with new appliances, tile backsplash, and quartz countertops! Yes, please!! There are two bedrooms on the main level and three more upstairs and the home has new flooring and interior paint throughout! Now let's not forget the huge mudroom with laundry & extra space for a craft room or office. Endless possibilities!! This home sits on a large level lot with alley access and has an oversized garage with a shop and additional off-street and/or RV parking. Last, but certainly not least, there is an amazing yard with a covered patio providing plenty of room to entertain, garden & play! CONGRATULATIONS to my buyer, I am so happy for you and your family!!

If YOU are interested in buying or selling a home in the Northwest... I CAN HELP!

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The 52 Difference.
Are you keeping your goals TOP of MIND?

THE.HEMP.HIKER was designed with accountability in mind - a TOP of MIND reminder to make every week, YOUR week. With only 52 in production, I created an eco-friendly hat, featuring an organic hemp body that is from this earth, for this earth as 1% of proceeds are donated to Washington Trails. [52 cents]

52 hats. 52 goals. 52 weeks in the year to make it happen. 

What will you do with your 52?
"Summit your goals, one week at a time."
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"Summiting goals, where to begin. What kind of goal(s) are we talking about? Personal wellness goals? Personal mental goals? Business/professional goals? 

The genre is as broad as the potential audience and it leaves me thinking in cursory definitions right off the bat. On quick, second thought, I’ve recently had a personal victory …so let’s go that route instead! 

I recently summited Mount Rainier (7/7/2022-7/11/2022) for my first time. All 9000+ vertical feet of her majesty from paradise to Rainier summit. It was overwhelming. It was immense. It was beautiful. The vastness of it all and our (the collective group’s) minuteness in the presence of such a gigantic challenge and continuously changing weather landscape had me feeling very small but also brave and ‘chest out’ to the challenge. 

That mental game didn’t serve me well. 

It wasn’t as physically challenging as I expected …but significantly more mentally challenging than I had anticipated. 

The first two days I was feeling strong. Day 1 from paradise to Camp Muir was, as to be expected, just a long walk, uphill, in the snow (elevation 5400’-10000’). Day 2: camp Muir to Ingraham Flats. A round of basic glacier training provided much needed insights into how to handle the terrain ahead (elevation 10000’-11100’). 

Day 3 …day 3 provided some challenges, lol. We slept from around 7:30pm-1am, and awoke after a relatively restless night in 40+ mph sustained winds. 

We were asked by our friend and seasoned summiter: “do you want to go for it? The winds at the top are in excess of hurricane force? I’ve been to one tiger tent and they’re in!” Emboldened by our friends’ perseverance we agreed to attempt a summit. 

I was tasked with boiling water for the groups trip. I grabbed my shovel and dug a pit to unadulterated snow to boil. Either the wind, or my negligence led to the pot tipping over mid-boil. I went to grab it from falling (and lighting the tent in fire) and in doing so sloshed the water upwards. Upwards …and directly across my awaiting face and eye. 

After assessing my winds weren’t “critical” I let our leader know of my unfortunate circumstances. He responded quickly with: “You face can hurt in the tent, or it can hurt on the side of the mountain; if it’s not critical I’ll leave it up to you”. 

…after a long 8 hours, roped-together, a grueling slog, (11100’-14411’) crossing crevasses, glacier fields, the crater, and numerous mental hurdles we made it. My mantra/mental hurdle of “just keep going, you’ll get there eventually, just keep moving, everyone on the line is moving, you have to keep moving”

We summited in 70+mph winds on a beautiful, clear day. 

We then began the descent. After spending 75%+ of your energy to Summit Rainier the idea that it’s actually ‘harder’ to climb down, then it is to climb up, is a bit of a mind-trip. 

Flash forward; we made it down. The view was less and less awesome the entire way, . 

I’d been preparing for so long mentally and physically leading up to this adventure I forgot to think about how I might feel afterwards. Once it was completed, I felt myself almost immediately feeling like I had experienced a loss. It took me the better part of the week after to process, but here’s what I think I’ve got worked out…

Goals are benchmarks. They’re not the end, they’re a beginning. 

I had worked myself up on achieving this specific goal and I forgot to “zoom out”. The goal was to summit rainier [tunnel vision]. The lesson was to learn to be able to summit Rainier [bigger picture]. When I summited, I was ecstatic, jubilant even! By the time I finished the descent, I was already feeling the finality of it all. 

What’s next? And who am I trying to prove something to?? 

It’s me. That’s who I’m trying to prove myself to. Duh. 

It was time to reset my mindset. I should not be disappointed, the goal was just for me. And I did it! I took all the necessary steps (pun intended) to prepare, to train, to learn and practice. I need to enjoy the momentary bliss while the elation lasts. It is then important to try and remember the journey that brought you to this moment. That is what comprises your accomplishment. 

Goals are hard to discuss because they’re fleeting. Like happiness, success, contentedness, sadness, loss, etc., etc.. 

Goals are set to be achieved. Regardless of how long it takes, and disregarding how many changes to the original timeline are needed. They’re mental markers for moving forward and benchmarking your personal successes. 

I learned [for next time ] to bask in the multiple moments of real consciousness and doubt that led to the success/achievement. To remember the hardships, the exhaustion, the mental fortitude it took to prevail. All those tiny moments of perseverance that make the foundation on which the proverbial ‘cherry’ is perched atop. The journey’s conclusion is the reward. An unexpected destination that marks a new beginning, not an endpoint. 

“The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.” -BTC

Upon my return, a friend of mine asked me to send a haiku of my trip. I had to look up the cadence because I’m out of practice but here was my reply: 

“It was quite a hike

I will not repeat it soon 

It was exhausting” 

In my tiredness, I thought it was clever. 

To you and yours: I wish all the successes you desire. Be them small, large or just right. They’re for you and not for anyone else."

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ANDREW!!!! When you told me you wanted to climb Mount Rainier, I was beyond excited for you! And to learn that you accomplished your goal, just proves that you can do anything you put your mind to! Way to go!!



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