2022 | Week 3
52 Hikes | 52 Homes

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

´╗┐This is WEEK at a GLANCE - a glance into 52 weeks of PNW adventures! From the sea to the summit, join me as I journey through life as an entrepreneur on a mission to make a difference.

My goal this year is to summit 52 mountains and sell 52 homes, one per week.

Let's reflect, shall we?
Little Si, not to be confused with easy, is a 4 mile hike located in North Bend. This trail offers its own challenges, and rewards - and is known for the summit usually being socked in, which means no view. However; what I love about Little Si is that the trail winds through a mossy forest filled with boulder fields. Ironically, at a business meeting over coffee the other day at Woods, I was discussing bouldering with a new client/friend!! One of the many reasons I love the Pacific Northwest is its ability to bring adventurous, likeminded individuals together.

Additionally, on Monday, I was invited to go hiking with a very close friend of mine - and of course said YES!!! We had a great time exploring Wallace falls, a beautiful 6 mile 'extra credit' hike offering multiple viewpoints as you climb to the top!
3/52 | LITTLE SI | 4 MILES
DO YOU WANT TO INVEST IN THE NORTHWEST?? ...but don't know where to start?

I can help.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or current homeowner looking to upgrade...

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Or maybe you want to own a...

- Second home
- Investment condo / townhome
- Airbnb / vacation rental
- Adventure cabin
- Vacant land
- Flip

I can help.

Or maybe you have a family member or friend who wants to INVEST in the Northwest... someone who is currently renting.

I can help.

Knowledge is power. So I teamed up with Jolene Messmer with Caliber Home loans to teach THIRSTY THURSDAY -  real estate class I designed to educate and empower those looking to buy, sell or invest in the Northwest. 

We discussed interest rates and programs that are available TODAY! Programs that offer 1% down!

If you are interested in attending my next class or would like to learn more about how to win in today's market, message me today!

I can help.
The 52 Difference.
Thank you Kirkland Chamber of Commerce for featuring my mission and for inspiring others to summit their goals, one week at a time. From this earth, for this earth, this collection was designed with accountability in mind - a TOP of MIND reminder to make every week, YOUR week. 
Additionally, for every home sold, I donate $52 to Washington Trails Association in support of our aligned mission to protect the place we call home, the PNW.
Support Local.

"My main goal for this coming year is to take care of myself by feeding my body the foods it needs to thrive and moving more. As a busy business owner, wife, mom, I'm always on the go; it is easy for me to not put myself first (or anywhere in the equation for that matter).  Rather than putting a number goal on my weight, my goal is to consciously care for myself every day so that I can show up the best version of myself for those in my life."

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU THERESA! I can't wait to see you summit your goals - one day at a time, one week at a time!!
Hi! My name is Rachel Lloyd and I am here to help you establish roots in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are interested in buying, selling, or investing, I would be honored to help you on your Real Estate adventure!
"Together we can move mountains, and it all starts by working with someone you trust."
Thirsty for a new adventure?
Fueled by Woods.
Are you dreaming about climbing that mountain, buying a new home or, or upgrading the one you are in?

I can help.

Keep your goals TOP of MIND & your adventures fueled by Woods.