2023 | Week 34

52 Hikes | 52 Homes

“The meaning in life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - 52 weeks of my PNW adventures!

Join me as I journey through life on a mission to make a difference, one step at a time, one week at a time. How was your week? Here's a glance at mine...


You don't have to go far to adventure! This week, I hiked the Cross Kirkland Corridor directly from my office door! Did you know that this urban trail spans from Totem Lake to Bellevue and used to be an old railway?! Over the years, the city has improved this trail to make it what it is today - a nice quiet place for locals to get outside and experience nature. You can also connect to other small trails, like the Forbes Creek Stairs - which make for a great workout! I swear this is Kirkland's best-kept secret and I am so glad this beautiful place exists!




A few weeks ago, I gave a speech at a networking event about my real estate services and my mission to give back. Afterwards, a woman and her husband approached me letting me know that they would like to buy a home soon but have no idea how. I let them know I would be honored to help them and would be there to guide them every step of the way. So, I connected them with one of my preferred lenders, and this week, they got preapproved! Now that we know their budget, we had a meeting to go over their wish list. I set up a custom collection for them based on their desired criteria and they have already found a few homes they are interested in! I am so excited to work with these first-time homebuyers and can't wait to help them find the perfect home that meets their needs!

Curious what's on the market? Check out these PNW homes for sale!


See one you like? Let me know... so we can go take a look!


The 52 Difference.

My goal each year is to transform the lives of 52 homeowners as I guide them through their home buying or selling experience. 

For every home sold, I donate $52 to Washington Trails Association in support of our aligned mission to protect the place we call home, the Pacific Northwest.


52 Flavors.

Have you been to Isarn in Kirkland? I had dinner there with one of my friends this week and it was absolutely delicious! At Isarn, you will find the freshest and fullest of flavors coupled with unique Thai cooking techniques to create the best dishes! They offer regional and street food favorites and even have a full vegan menu! With so many great options to choose from, we decided to share the Vegan fried rice which was made with with tofu, spring onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and broccoli. We also had a Vegan everything papaya Salad - Green papaya pounded with Thai rice noodles, bean sprouts, peanuts, garlic, tomatoes long beans, and lime dressing. If you are hungry for Thai food... Try Isarn!



Hi! My name is Rachel Lloyd and I am here to help you summit your PNW real estate goals! If you are interested in taking the next step, I am the ideal broker to guide you on your adventure!

I’m also the founder of PNW52 – a company dedicated to helping people into new homes in the PNW by inspiring them to summit their goals, one week at a time.

"Together we can move mountains, and it all starts by working with someone you trust."