2023 | Week 38

52 Hikes | 52 Homes

“Every season has its beauty.”

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - 52 weeks of my PNW adventures!

Join me as I journey through life on a mission to make a difference, one step at a time, one week at a time. How was your week? Here's a glance at mine...


Today is officially Autumn and I couldn't be more excited!! Although I love summer, there is something special about the crisp fall air in the mornings, the changing of the leaves, and the warm sunset nights. The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful this time of year, especially in the mountains! I hiked to Mason Lake this week to check out all of the stunning views and had a wonderful time soaking up the sun by the lake. The reflections were breathtaking and the weather was perfect! 10/10 recommend!

38/52 | MASON LAKE | 6.5 MILES



I want to buy a house but..."

"I don't know where to start"

"I need to put my current home on the market"

"I don't understand my buying power (budget)"

"I don't have enough savings"

"I'm waiting for the market to shift"

Regardless of what barriers have stood in your way, I can help. I am here to answer your questions, provide you with solutions, & help guide you through every step of the process. Your homeownership goals are possible. Ready to get some answers? Let's chat.

Curious what's on the market? Check out these PNW homes for sale!


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The 52 Difference.

My goal each year is to transform the lives of 52 homeowners as I guide them through their home buying or selling experience. 

For every home sold, I donate $52 to Washington Trails Association in support of our aligned mission to protect the place we call home, the Pacific Northwest.


52 Flavors.

Have you been to Bottle & Bull in Kirkland? This restaurant is located right downtown and is so good!! I have eaten here several times and it is always amazing! So this week I went there with my friends and enjoyed the vegetable pasta which was made with the most delicious noodles, seasonal vegetables, kale pistachio pistou, and chickpeas. I loved every bite!! The service and drinks are great here too so if you are looking for a nice place to have a wonderful dinner, check out Bottle & Bull!



Hi! My name is Rachel Lloyd and I am here to help you summit your PNW real estate goals! If you are interested in taking the next step, I am the ideal broker to guide you on your adventure!

I’m also the founder of PNW52 – a company dedicated to helping people into new homes in the PNW by inspiring them to summit their goals, one week at a time.

"Together we can move mountains, and it all starts by working with someone you trust."