2022 | Week 4
52 Hikes | 52 Homes
"It has little to do with the things you see...
and everything to do with the way you see them."

This is WEEK at a GLANCE - where I share 52 weeks of PNW adventures!

From the sea to the summit, join me as I journey through life as an entrepreneur on a mission to make a difference.

How was your week? Let's take a look at mine...
Did you know that Rattlesnake ledge, has an upper ledge? I didn't either, until today.

A few weeks ago, while hiking, I met a local photographer/videographer named Alex, who creates art through capturing moments in nature. When we first met, we were both knee deep in snow, just trying to get "the shot". Needless to say, back at the trailhead, upon crossing paths again and realizing that we have a lot in common, we exchanged business cards and stayed in touch ever since.

Today, I got up at 5am as we made plans to collaborate on a sunrise film project featuring THE.HEMP.HIKER.

We arrived to the lake right as the sun began to rise and headed towards the summit, capturing footage along the way.

We discussed our goals while taking in the views and talked about how lucky we are to live and work in the PNW. When we got to the top, he introduced me to another trail that leads to a higher peak! If you know me, you know that I am terrified of heights, but that I love a good adventure, and even more - an amazing view! It was surreal.

Stay tuned to see what we created and until then you can...
Its more than just a home, its a lifestyle.

If you were to start your business, where would it be?

Whether it is your home, business, or both... deciding where to establish roots is a very important decision. So when I created my company, PNW52, I wanted it to be in the place I call home, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and I wanted to give back to our community.

As your as your local licensed real estate agent and outdoor enthusiast, my goal this year is to summit 52 hikes and transform the lives of 52 homeowners as I elevate their Northwest home buying or selling experience. Additionally, for every home sold, I donate to Washington Trails Association in support of our aligned mission to protect the place we call home, the PNW.

With my unparalleled passion for service, I have been extremely successful in my ability to bring value to my clients. I am an expert on the products and services I provide and am known for developing lasting relationships throughout the Puget Sound region. With over 15 years of experience in hospitality and relocation, I am confident in my ability to exceed expectations by providing my clients with profitable solutions. 

Are you ready to buy, sell or invest in the Northwest?
The 52 Difference.
Thank you Washington Trails Association for showcasing my mission and for helping me inspire others to summit their goals, one week at a time.

THE.HEMP.HIKER was designed with accountability in mind - a TOP of MIND reminder to make every week, YOUR week. With only 52 in production, I created an eco-friendly hat, featuring an organic hemp body that is from this earth, for this earth as 1% of proceeds are donated to Washington Trails. [52 cents]

52 hats. 52 goals. 52 weeks in the year to make it happen. 

What will you do with your 52?

"Summit your goals, one week at a time."
Support Local.

In honor of national hat day, I celebrated by giving away a TOP of MIND hat… and the lucky winner was @megangarciia ✨

Check out Megan in THE.HEMP.HIKER as she is fearless in her pursuit to the top!

Congratulations Megan, I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see you summit you goals, one week at a time!

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Hi! My name is Rachel Lloyd and I am here to help you summit your PNW real estate goals! If you are interested in taking the next step, I am the ideal agent to guide you on your adventure!
"Together we can move mountains, and it all starts by working with someone you trust."
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Fueled by Woods.
When I'm not in the woods, I'm at Woods.

Come thirsty for knowledge [and coffee], leave with tools. Join us to learn more about how to successfully win in our competitive Northwest market.

Rachel Lloyd with Century 21 and Jolene Messmer with Caliber Home Loans have teamed up and are looking forward to helping those interested in discussing loan options.

Do you know what option is right for you?

What option is right for your goals...?

Keep your goals TOP of MIND & your adventures fueled by Woods.