Out of this World: the Emerging Space Cluster in the PNW
The PNW region is an emerging commercial space industry cluster. Host to several large and small companies, the region stands to benefit economically from this cluster as it continues to expand. Space as a sector, has many commercial applications that we are only starting to see materialize. The November 18 luncheon plenary will provide delegates a showcase of diverse, leading companies in the region and explore how economic development and workforce policy can foster growth of this emerging cluster.
Meet the Speakers
Rhae Adams , VP of Strategy & Business Development, First Mode
First Mode is revolutionizing the design, engineering, and development of technology for industries on and off the planet. First Mode harnesses the tools and technologies developed for the robotic exoliration of the solar system and adapts them to mission critical and safety critical projects on Earth, Mars, the Moon, and other planetary bodies.

Curt Blake , Chief Executive Officer, Spaceflight Industries
Spaceflight Industries is a next-generation space company enabling access to space and redefining global intelligence. They are focused on removing the complexities and high cost that once prohibited the majority of organizations from getting to space and observing our planet. The combination of innovative satellite design, rideshare launch offerings, and geospatial intelligence services provide the insights that transform how we view ourselves and Earth.

Ken Young , General Manager, Aerojet Rocketdyne
Aeroject Rocketdyne is an important contributor in launching America’s next space age, providing systems and components that will help us travel deeper into our solar system than ever before. Customers include the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA, where they provide a full range of propulsion and power systems for launch vehicles, satellites, and other space vehicles.

Moderated by: Emily Wittman , President & CEO, Aerospace Futures Alliance and Washington State Space Coalition
The Aerospace Futures Alliance was formed in 2006 to provide aerospace companies with a single voice on policy issues affecting the sector.
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Space Industry in the PNW
Redmond, WA based SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft returns to space – resupplying the ISS in December 2017. (Credit: NASA – AP)
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