The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region concluded their annual capital visits to the U.S. capitals last week with meetings in Salem, Oregon; Olympia, Washington; and Juneau, Alaska. Earlier in January, PNWER traveled to Helena, Montana, and Boise, Idaho. For a look at those meetings, click HERE .

Every year, PNWER visits jurisdictions' capitals to bring the issues of the region to the attention of public sector leaders and forge and strengthen relationships across borders. Visits to PNWER's Canadian capitals will be scheduled for the spring.

Keep reading to see highlights from Salem, Olympia, and Juneau.
Left to right: Matt Morrison, PNWER CEO; former Rep. Deb Boone, OR; Sen. Arnie Roblan, OR, past PNWER President; MLA Rick Glumac, BC; MLA Larry Doke, SK, PNWER President; Colin Smith, PNWER Private Sector Co-chair; Jeff Morris, PNWER LEHI Director; and Robert Kerr, Consulate of Canada in Seattle
On January 28, the PNWER delegation collaborated with Oregon State leadership in Salem on topics of increasing bi-national concern including wildfires, energy efficiency in the built environment, drone usages post-disaster and the economic impact of steel and aluminum tariffs and ratification of the NAFTA 2.0 - USMCA Agreement.

The PNWER delegation included PNWER President Larry Doke, MLA, Saskatchewan; former PNWER President, Senator Arnie Roblan, Oregon; Rick Glumac, MLA, B.C. Parliamentary Secretary for Technology; Jeff Morris, PNWER LEHI Director; Dan Kirschner, Northwest Gas Association and PNWER Private Sector Co-Chair; Colin Smith, Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. and PNWER Private Sector Co-Chair; Robert Kerr, Consulate of Canada in Seattle; and former Representative Deb Boone, Oregon.

PNWER enjoyed a productive conversation with Governor Kate Brown on supporting the USMCA, repealing the steel and aluminum tariffs , and PNWER’s work to facilitate drone usage by local and state governments. Senator Arnie Roblan described the Idaho PNWER Council, formed by Executive Order in Idaho, and the Governor asked about the PNWER drone program grant . She was also interested in hearing from Jeff Morris about the LEHI program as well as the Capitols Competing for Capital program that several Oregon legislators participated in.
Left to right: Sen. Arnie Roblan, President Larry Doke, Governor Kate Brown, MLA Rick Glumac, Colin Smith, Rep. Jeff Morris, and Deb Boone
Energy and Environment : The PNWER delegation heard from Representative Ken Helms and Senator Michael Dembrow on proposed carbon cap and trade legislation and shared lessons learned from B.C.’s Carbon Tax and Clean B.C. Plan and Saskatchewan Carbon Plan.

Innovation : Parliamentary Secretary Rick Glumac and Senator Betsy Johnson shared an engaging conversation on the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC ) and methods to promote innovation and workforce training.

The delegation presented to the House Economic Development and Trade Committee where they covered the Cascadia Innovation Corridor. Presentation HERE .

Licensure : Senator Arnie Roblan briefed the delegates on proposed cross-border licensure, an important issue to PNWER stakeholders, and Colin Smith, representing the engineer licensing associations of western Canada, discussed PNWER’s role in promoting greater workforce mobility across the region.

Wildfires : Forest fires threaten many of PNWER jurisdictions, and the Delegation appreciated the opportunity to meet with Oregon State Forester, Peter Daugherty, to investigate Oregon’s unique system of forest fighting and the unique Lloyd’s of London insurance policy that only Oregon has to augment the state’s firefighting budget.
PNWER delegation presents to Oregon legislators during Legislative Lunch & Learn.
Left to right: Rick Glumac, MLA; Colin Smith, PNWER Private Sector Co-Chair; Laurie Trautman, PNWER Border Co-Chair; President Larry Doke, MLA; Brandon Hardenbrook, PNWER COO; and Jennifer Grosman, PNWER Program Manager.
On January 29 - 30, the PNWER delegation visited Olympia for high-level meetings with legislative leadership. A major focus of discussion during these meetings was the economic impact of steel and aluminum tariffs and ratification of the NAFTA 2.0 - USMCA. Congress and Parliaments of all three nations must ratify the agreement before it can be implemented. The PNWER delegation to Olympia included PNWER President Larry Doke, MLA, Saskatchewan; Rick Glumac, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology, B.C.; Robert Kerr, Consul for Consulate of Canada in Seattle; Laurie Trautman, PNWER Border & Trade Co-Chair; Colin Smith, PNWER Private Sector Co-Chair; Bruce Agnew, PNWER Transportation Co-Chair; Dan Kirschner, PNWER Private Sector Co-Chair; Representative Gael Tarleton, Washington; Representative Cindy Ryu, Washington; Matt Morrison, PNWER CEO; and Brandon Hardenbrook, PNWER COO.

Meetings with Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib, Governor Inslee’s staff, the Department of Commerce, Senate President Pro Tempore Karen Keiser, House Minority Leader Rep. J.T. Wilcox, Senate Majority Whip Mark Mullet, Chair of the Senate Economic Development & Trade Committee, provided opportunities to highlight PNWER’s efforts to examine the impact of new tariffs on the economy and work on several issues including trade , transportation , innovation , and rural economic development . The officers also discussed with Lt. Governor Habib the special address by visiting British Columbia Premier John Horgan on February 8 to a joint session of Congress.
Left to right: Robert Kerr, Brandon Hardenbrook, Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib, MLA Rick Glumac, MLA Larry Doke, Colin Smith, and Matt Morrison
Transportation : The delegation met with Senator Steve Hobbs and Representative Jake Fey, chairs of the Senate and House Transportation Committees, to discuss automated, connected, electric, and shared vehicles (ACES) and transportation impacts to regional supply chains, as well as the I-5 bridge between Oregon and Washington. Presentation HERE .

First Nations Engagement : The delegation also had a productive meeting with Senator John McCoy, Majority Caucus Chair, and discussed opportunities to share best practices in Native American and First Nation economic development during the Annual Summit in Saskatoon, as well as the winter meeting in Seattle in November.

Agriculture : The Senate Agriculture Committee was an opportunity to highlight the recent federal funding that PNWER helped secure to protect our regional water bodies from quagga and zebra mussels, as well as the impact of tariffs on the agriculture trade. Watch TVW's coverage of the Senate Agriculture Committee HERE . Start at 1:52:45.
Left to right: Robert Kerr, Brandon Hardenbrook, Senator John McCoy, MLA Larry Doke, MLA Rick Glumac, Colin Smith, and Matt Morrison
Innovation : PNWER leaders took part in two legislative hearings: the House Innovation, Technology, & Economic Development Committee (ITED), chaired by Representative Zack Hudgins, and the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources, & Parks Committee, chaired by Senator Kevin Van de Wege. In the ITED Committee, PNWER Vice President Gael Tarleton praised the work of PNWER and highlighted the upcoming PNWER winter meeting which will be held in Seattle, November 20-23. President Larry Doke provided an overview of PNWER and invited everyone to Saskatchewan in July for the Summit, and MLA Rick Glumac discussed efforts to expand linkages between B.C. and Washington through the Cascadia Innovation Corridor. The group also discussed PNWER’s C3 and LEHI projects. PNWER's presentation to ITED Committee HERE .

Seattle Economic Leadership Forum : PNWER Vice President Gael Tarleton announced that the PNWER winter meeting will be held at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle on November 22-24.
Above: Lunch and Learn session in Olympia
PNWER leadership hosted a lunch and learn session on the importance of PNWER and working together as a region. This session was streamed live by TVW. Participants included: Bruce Agnew, Cascadia Center & PNWER Transportation Co-chair; Laurie Trautman, BPRI at WWU and PNWER Border and Trade co-chair; MLA Rick Glumac, BC Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and PNWER Innovation Working Group Co-chair; PNWER President MLA Larry Doke, Saskatchewan and PNWER Agriculture co-chair; Matt Morrison, PNWER CEO; Representative Cindy Ryu, PNWER Disaster Resilience co-chair; Representative Mary Dye, and Robert Kerr, Consulate of Canada in Seattle. Watch TVW's coverage of the Lunch and Learn HERE .
Left to right: Alaska Representative Chris Tuck, Premier Bob McLeod of the Northwest Territories, PNWER President Larry Doke, MLA, and Matt Morrison, PNWER CEO.
On January 31, PNWER President MLA Larry Doke, SK and PNWER Vice President Premier Bob McLeod of the Northwest Territories had the opportunity to meet dozens of Alaska legislators, as well as the Governor, Lt. Governor, and staff. The PNWER delegation to Alaska included Premier Bob McLeod, NWT; Larry Doke, MLA, Saskatchewan; Honorary Consul Karen Matthias, Government of Canada; Matt Morrison, PNWER CEO; PNWER Innovation Co-Chair Nirav Desai; Jennifer Dallman-Sanders, Executive Advisor to the Premier, NWT; and Steve Myers, PNWER Senior Program Manager.

The PNWER delegation participated in several events and met leaders in the Alaska Legislature during their time in Juneau. The PNWER delegation gave the legislature an overview of PNWER’s programs, highlighting impacts to Alaska. Premier Bob McLeod, President Larry Doke, and Matt Morrison spoke at the Alaska Legislative "Lunch and Learn" about PNWER, hosted by Alaska Representative Chris Tuck. Premier Bob McLeod gave an insightful overview of the Northwest Territories to legislators and staff before President Larry Doke and Matt Morrison showcased the organization and answered questions from attendees about PNWER and its role in Alaska. Watch 360 North's coverage of the Legislative Lunch and Learn HERE .
Nirav Desai, PNWER Innovation Co-Chair, and Steve Myers, Senior Program Manager at PNWER, testifying before the Alaska Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.
Innovation: PNWER Innovation Co-chair Nirav Desai and Steve Myers provided testimony to the Alaska Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on economic diversification. Watch the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee hearing HERE .

Alaska Representative Dave Talerico introduced the delegation to the Alaska House Members. To watch the floor introductions, click HERE . PNWER delegates are introduced starting at 4:32.

Transportation: ​The delegation was also fortunate to meet with Captain Ed Page of the Alaska Marine Exchange and learn more about the operation center and program developed to proactively monitor shipping vessel in Alaskan and northern Pacific waters. Click HERE to learn more about this unique system designed to identify potential hazards and risks to shipping vessel and the environment of the Alaskan coast.

The delegation discussed the issues around safety in the Arctic with more vessel traffic transiting the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage, as well as interest in increasing U.S. - Canada collaboration on the world-class maritime prevention regime all along the West Coast.

We are grateful for the time spent in each capital and look forward to a successful year of regional collaboration!
Alaska Marine Exchange Policy Tour
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2019 PNWER Economic Leadership Forum
Seattle, Washington | November 20-23, 2019

PNWER's 2019 Economic Leadership Forum will be held this year in Seattle, Washington from November 20-23. Preliminary information can be found on our website here.
Partner Event: Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference 2019
Whitehorse, Yukon | February 12-14, 2019

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Partner Event: 2019 Alberta Energy Efficiency Summit
Edmonton, Alberta | February 26-27, 2019

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Summit will offer delegates a forum to learn about the latest trends in energy efficiency. Building on the tremendous success and momentum of the 2018 event, the AEEA is excited to continue growing this important forum for debate and dialogue. Through this event, the AEEA strives to engage with its members and other industry stakeholders to increase and promote the conversations taking place around energy efficiency in the province. For more information on the event, visit their website HERE .

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2018 Annual Report Released
This year has been an important one in the Canada-U.S. relationship. Here at PNWER, we have been encouraged by the strong friendships that have been formed by all of our members across borders. The strength of these regional working relationships are as important as ever. 

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