November 2018                                                          Issue #101
Holiday Message From The Chair
Vancouver Section Conference
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Winter Subsection Training and Trustee Meeting
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Tri-State WUC Meeting
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Registration Opens Jan. 2!

Section Conference  
Vancouver, WA
May 1-3, 2019
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Sept 26-27, 2019 Yakima, WA

Back when I was a young engineer and beginning my professional career, a gentleman (whose name I cannot remember) in his 80's came up to me and gave me this piece of advice - "Each year you live, start a new hobby and try to focus on that hobby for the entire year, and if it doesn't capture your fancy, begin again. By the time you are my age, you will have a lifetime of experiences and skills you will never regret."
Well, another year has almost gone by, and I cannot say that I have started a new hobby every year, but I certainly have opened myself to trying new ventures, whether personally or professionally. Some have been successes, others complete failures, but I can say I have not regretted trying out something new when the opportunity has presented itself.
As I look across the landscape of the Pacific Northwest Section, I see many of our member volunteers taking personal chances, putting themselves out there, taking the time and energy to the mission(s) of committees and subsections, all for the better of our Section and our industry. To all of those who tried something new within the Section this past year, thank you! Keep trying something new! And to those who have mastered the hobby (or should I say, "Labor of Love") of your committee or subsection, because you have been at it for so long, a special thanks and blessings to you!  
I would also like to thank those candidates who are running for Section Office this fall/winter. Thank you for putting yourself "out there" and taking the chance of providing leadership to the Section. I look at the list of candidates and I am really impressed by all the talent on the list. And to those who do not succeed in the election, don't be discouraged, your talents, contributions and enthusiasm for the Section are valued and future opportunities will always abound!
May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the coming holiday season!
Mel Damewood
SECTION CONFERENCE IN VANCOUVER - Registration Opens January 2!

The 2019 Section Conference will be in Vancouver, WA, May 1-3. 

Registration goes live on January 2. Register before April 1st and take advantage of our early bird pricing. Registration prices increase $150 on April 1. 

If you are a vendor you will want to reserve your booth early to get the best spot. We will have 101 vendors booths total with seven premium high traffic booths located in the hallway. You will want to grab those early! Check out all the vendors sponsorship opportunities on our website, we have something for every budget!

This year we will be offering 1.7 CEUs (pending) in drinking and wastewater (CEUs vary by state). 

Our annual conference golf tournament will take place at Camas Meadows.  The golf course is approximately 14 miles from downtown Vancouver. 

The conference will kick off on Wednesday evening May 1 at Esther Short Park with our Competition Night.  Join your friends for this great event and cheer our teams on to ACE19 in Denver. Stay energized with local food and beverages from food trucks and breweries around the Vancouver community. 

Check out our conference website for all the latest information! 
SECTION BALLOTS HIT THE MAIL - Members to Vote for Trustees
All AWWA members were sent an email invitation this past week to vote via electronic ballot in this years election. If you did not receive this email please check your spam filter or click this link to access the voting booth. 

To vote members will be asked to enter their Elector ID (email) and Password (last name) which will be verified against the AWWA member database. You will only be allowed to vote once. 

Candidates for office this year are:

Chair Elect
Ronda Farmer
Jacki Masters
Mike Whiteley

Oregon/Idaho Trustee
Nick Belmont
Michelle Cheek
Mike McClenathan

Washington Trustee
Dave England
Mike Pleasants
Doug Schlepp

Trustee At Large
Rob Barrett
Cory Baune
Crystal Jensen

Polls close on December 31.  

The 2019 Winter Subsection Officer Training and Trustee meeting is scheduled for February 20 - 22 at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA.

The Subsection Advisory Council is working on a great training agenda which will be available in a few weeks.  Additionally, you can expect the Friday Trustee Meeting agenda to be available very soon.   All subsection and committee reports will be due on Friday, February 8.
2019 LEADERSHIP SYMPOSIUM - September 26-27 in Yakima, WA

Mark your calendars for the FIRST EVER PNWS Leadership Symposium scheduled for September 26-27 in Yakima, WA. 

Everyone is aware that baby boomers are retiring at an alarming rate. This creates numerous opportunities for employees to move into managerial positions. Our new Leadership Symposium will provide the management skills needed for those seeking career advancement. 

This two day symposium will offer tracks for multiple levels of management including:
  • Becoming a foreman - what skills do you need to manage your peers?
  • Mid-level managers making the move to senior management
  • Senior management and elected officials 
  • Plus the annual Young Professional Summit will be taking place as part of this symposium
Interested in presenting in any one of these areas?  The Leadership Symposium abstract window will be opening soon and symposium registration will open in early spring. Contact Chris Wanner with questions. 
TRI-STATE WUC MEETING - Registration Is Now Open!

Everyone is invited to attend this year's Tri-State Water Utilities Council (Tri-WUC) meeting which is being held November 16 at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington. As in past years AWWA Legislative staff from the Washington DC Office will be joining us. The meeting will cover legislative, legal, and local updates from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. 
There is no charge for the event but attendees are asked to register in advance.
EXCELLENCE IN ENGINEERING AWARDS - Enter Your Projects Before January 16

The Engineering Committee has opened the call for entries for the 2019 Excellence in Engineering Awards. T hese awards recognize excellence in engineering for water supply, treatment, or conveyance projects.  Persons, agencies, consultants, contractors, and water utilities who have recently or will be completing a water supply, treatment, or conveyance project for a water supply utility or agency in Idaho, Oregon or Washington may apply.

Categories. Projects may be submitted in the large project (>$5M construction) or small project (<$5M construction) categories, or within a the engineering planning project category.

CEU's and More CEU's!

See the Jobs Listing Page on our website  for more information or how to apply for any of the above listed jobs. 
That's it for this month! Please send your news or information for inclusion in the December edition to the  Section office.  

Kyle Kihs
Executive Director