Horseshoe Bay POA Board Approves "limited" opening of Quail Point Lodge small groups
Dear members: As you are all aware, Quail Point Lodge has been closed for use by our members as required by various Executive Orders of the Governor and in an effort to protect the health and safety of our members, many of whom are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. We know this has not been easy for any of us, but we have concluded that under current conditions we maybe able to reopen the lodge on a very limited basis to the many groups that used the facility for activities occurring during the day and for limited hours. That limited opening is scheduled for September 1.

 We have adopted a number of rules that will be in force and that are designed to protect each of you, third persons, our staff, visitors and vendors. Of course, we cannot guarantee that what we have put in place will prevent exposure to Covid-19 or to other illnesses, but we are willing to try this limited reopening so long as each of you who uses the facility complies fully with Rules we have adopted. Whether or not you choose to use the facility is strictly up to each of you. You can find the Rules online HERE or obtain a copy in the POA office. 

As you read through the Rules, there are a few things we’d like to make sure you understand. First, under current regulations and orders, the Governor has given the Mayor the power to approve activities that may involve a gathering of more than 10 persons. So, in addition to approving the Rules generally, the Mayor may have additional authority to approve your activity if it involves or might involve more than 10 persons. All requests for approval shall be made by the General Manager. Please DO NOT go directly to the Mayor for approval.

Second, the cleaning of all of the rooms at Quail Point is a tremendous task made even more difficult by the stringent cleaning standards necessary in this environment. Our professional crew is here only during the day. That means that you or your group may be asked to share a room if the activities can be carried out with proper social distancing. It also means that for afternoon activities that must end by 5pm, the cleaning will not be done until the following morning very early. This necessitates limiting afternoon use to larger groups and only once during the designated afternoon hours.

Finally, we have given the General Manager full authority to implement and enforce the Rules. We ask that you work in a cooperative way with her or our staff as we go about the difficult task of reopening and trying to satisfy the diverse uses that our members want to impose on the building. We do want to be clear, however, that violating the Rules will likely result in the withdrawal of approval for your use of Quail Point.

 We will sincerely be glad to have you back in the building if even on the limited basis that we must impose at this time. We strongly suggest that you contact the General Manager as soon as possible if you want to be considered for use of Quail Point starting September 1 or thereafter.


The Board of Directors of the Horseshoe Bay POA
Motivational Opportunity
Annual Horseshoe Bay POA Phone Directory Sales
The POA has missed getting to see everyone through the sales of the Annual POA directories so, we have decided to sell the directories in the drive-thru of the parking lot of Quail Point Lodge every Wednesday in August starting the 12th from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.
The directory is now $6.00
(Make check payable to Horseshoe Bay POA or change can be made)
We hope to see you there!
Happy Retirement Sweet Kathy!
Kathy Pomeroy was the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association's Administration Secretary for over 5 years. Kathy was such an essential part of keeping all events on track and the association moving forward. After a new marriage, and a move to Wimberley, Kathy, and her husband, James decided to retire so they could enjoy travel and time together. Although she will be greatly missed for her kind heart and sweet voice, we wish them nothing but the best and happy trails!
Welcome Erin Welch, Horseshoe Bay POA's New Administrative Secretary
We would like to introduce the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association's newest employee, Erin Welch, Administrative Secretary. She has ten plus years of previous experience as an administrative secretary in the banking industry. Erin and the love of her life, Justin, live in Marble Falls and are avid hikers. They have three fur babies that are incredibly special to their hearts. (Everest and Nox are pictured with Erin- Toof isn't pictured).

Erin was fortunate enough to have been trained by Kathy but realized quickly that the bar was set remarkably high for her. We have all the confidence in Erin that she will reach that mark based on her commitment and quality of work.
POA Park & Ground Closure for August
•Until We Meet Again•
Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association would like to pay tribute to Sam Tarbet for his 46 years of service in Horseshoe Bay. Sam started his career in Horseshoe Bay by working for Norman and Wayne Hurd in real estate and development. Sam volunteered on the Horseshoe Bay Architectural Committee and has molded the community we all love and cherish today. He will be missed but not forgotten. Condolences to his family and colleagues!