April 2018 
Greetings from Houston, Texas! 

I was recently voted to serve as PODS President. I am excited for the opportunity to engage our membership, direct PODS volunteers and staff in continued alignment with   our Strategic Goals, and to define the road ahead.  
But I know many of you are more interested in PODS 7!  So you really need to make it to the PODS Forum on May 8th, where we will dive into the details about PODS 7.0  

During my tenure as President, I will continue to ask that you tell us what more the PODS Association can do for your organization and for the Industry. Also, I want to take this time to remind Members to log in to your PODS Member Portal account and take a look at the community forum threads, as well as update your personal profile information under your account settings. You can even add areas for which you are interested in volunteering.

On behalf of the PODS Board of Directors, we look forward to meeting you in person at the PODS Forum on May 8th or at the ESRI Petroleum User Conference at the PODS booth.
If you have questions or comments about the upcoming Forum or PODS,  please send me a note. If you have any issues with registration or with your PODS Member Portal account login.password, please contact Jen at  jen.gordon@pods.org.  

Jackie Smith, PODS Board President
IT GIS Architect, Williams

Business Value of PODS 7.0 - Article Published in Foundations Magazine
Curious about how PODS 7.0 (our Next Generation model) will have value to you? You may want to take a few moments and read this article. It was written by PODS Board member Chad Corcoran in collaboration with members of the Next Gen Working Group.  Read a PDF of just the 3-page article here: PPDM_Foundations Vol5_1 PODS pp 25-27, or view the entire magazine here: Foundations Volume 5 Issue 1.
Welcome 2018 Board of Directors

Chad Corcoran, Andeavor, Next Gen Co-Chair
Katrin Franke, TransCanada, Communications Chair
Paul Herrmann, Chevron, Vice President
Chad Hultman, ONEOK, Treasurer
Nichole Killingsworth, BSD, Co-Chair 2018 Pipeline Week 
Andy Morris, DCP Midstream, TCG Chair
William "Buddy" Nagel, Kinder Morgan
Mike Ortiz, New Century Software, Secretary
Todd Patterson, Buckeye Partners, L.P.
Gautam Singh, ExxonMobil
Jackie Smith, Williams, President
Peter Veenstra, TRC, Next Gen Co-Chair

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Forum Draft Agenda
This year's Forum includes an Operators-Only Forum, a Joint Service Providers and Operators Forum, Breakout Sessions, Lunch and a Social Cocktail Hour at the end. Here are some details:

2018 PODS Forum DRAFT Agenda v6 (click image below to enlarge or download)


Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association
In This Issue
Volunteer Opportunities
- Cloud implementation of our shared master data repository, testing and training environment.

- PODS Next Gen (7.0) History Working Group focuses on tracking the audit trail of edits performed on routes, and other feature tables within the PODS Next Gen database.

Interested in joining the team? Submit your information to us either online using our Volunteer Interest Form or with this downloadable form 

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