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PODS 7.0 Is Here!  
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The PODS Next Gen initiative has resulted in a complete re-design and modernization of the PODS Pipeline Data  Model:
  • 7.0 enables system integration via service-oriented approaches.
  • The re-design of the PODS Pipeline Data Model is driven by PODS Association Strategy and reflects over 20 years of PODS Pipeline Data Model implementation experience and lessons learned. 
  • PODS 7.0 is designed to be the system of record for pipeline centerlines and pressurized containment assets for the safe transport of product and will standardize and modernize data management and reporting across the pipeline industry.
  • The methodology and approach to how this model was developed pushes the envelope on how the model was designed and represents significant advances in the creation of data models to date.

  1. Verify that your company is a current PODS Member.  The list of currently active member companies/organizations/agencies can be found HERE.
  2. Get your personal PODS Member Employee Portal login and password HERE.  (Or, if you already have one, skip to Step 3).
  3. Go to, and click the orange button link on the home page to download (NOTE: you will be asked to log in to the PODS Member Portal, since access to PODS models is a benefit of PODS Membership.)
  4. Once logged in, go to the "PODS Models & Articles" Menu Item and follow the instructions there.

NOTE: The entire ZIPPED PODS 7.0 Package is 205MB.  If you have trouble with the download, please contact Jen Gordon at

PODS Fall Conference 
SAVE THE DATE!  - Sept 30th & October 1st, 2019

20 Years and PODS 7.0 Release - A Celebration of PODS Standards and Industry Collaboration

An annual gathering of users to share knowledge, understanding and best practices in the critical area of Pipeline Data Management.

PODS Association's ANNUAL FALL Conference includes a half-day of training workshops on September 30th, and a full day of program sessions on October 1st.   We are seeking presenters who can share experiences in PODS implementations, including PODS Legacy (PODS 6.0 and prior) and PODS Lite and PODS 7.0. 

Interested in helping us put on this celebration of PODS 7.0 release and 20 years?  PODS will provide recognition throughout the Fall Event.   Review sponsorship options HERE to identify a good fit for your company. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  

Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association

A Commitment to PODS 
as a Standard 
and a Transformed Data Model

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