PODS Fall Conference
9/30 & 10/1

PODS Fall Conference
September 30 & October 1, 2019
 20 Years - A Celebration of PODS Standards 
and Industry Collaboration

PODS Association's ANNUAL Fall Conference includes a half-day of training workshops on September 30th, and a full day of program sessions on October 1st.  REGISTER ONLINE HERE!


Monday September 30th - Training Workshops (Technical and non-Technical sessions)
    1. Learn the basics of the PODS standards including essential PODS, database, and GIS terminology, the components of a PODS pipeline database, and how assets are located on a centerline using linear referencing
    2. Get a basic understanding of how data is stored and managed in a PODS compliant database
    3. See examples of how PODS facilitates spatial analysis of pipeline data ("What questions can I answer once my data is organized into the PODS standard?")
  • TECHNICAL Training sessions
    • Understand the PODS conceptual and logical data model
    • Learn how to extend the PODS 7 data model using Enterprise Architect and the role of Shapechange (an open source software)
    • Learn how to develop a PODS module
  • NON-TECHNICAL Training Sessions
    • Where does PODS fit in my pipeline data world? (Standards vs Data Model; Spatial vs Relational data model; How does PODS this help my organization?
    • Basic PODS and GIS terminology (Key definitions to common terms used in PODS and GIS)
Tuesday October 1st:
  • Keynote Speaker: Kurt Buehler, President, Image Matters llc. Buehler is a recognized leader in GIS innovation and excellence and has led the way in R & D for decades-providing solutions that many of us use today. Prior to leading Image Matters, Buehler was a co-founder of Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Moderated Panel on Data Standards, research projects and data strategies: What does the industry need to meet future needs and opportunities?
  • PODS 7 update,  Business Rules and  DES
  • PODS 7.0 updates and program sessions, including
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Specification
  • Business Rules
  • Data Exchange Specification
  • APR and Utility Network
  • Business Meeting after close of conference

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PODS Leadership in D.C.

Last week PODS President Jackie Smith, Kathy Mayo and board member Sam Acheson traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with agency and congressional leaders. This  trip included providing public comments on the  Federal Data Strategy and Action PlanThis strategy is a priority of the Trump Administration and includes improving data standards for geospatial data, as well as other data which are key in "liberating" government data, according to the keynote speaker, Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, Director of the White House Office of Technology Policy.

Jackie provided information about PODS which served as a backdrop for PODS recommendations and support of the strategy and action plan. She invited the Federal Geospatial Data Committee to collaborate with PODS and recognize the PODS Standards in accordance with their review process.

PODS represented the only data standards organization invited to provide comments on the Federal Data Strategy.

PPTsForumPODS Forum PPTs Available Now
With nearly 90 participants in this year's PODS Forum on May 14th, it was a major success and feedback received indicated that the panel and roundtable discussion format was appreciated.  If you missed it or you want a refresher on the presentations that were given, go to our website HERE to view the powerpoints:

Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association

A Commitment to PODS 
as a Standard 
and a Transformed Data Model

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