Volume 8 - November 2018 - In This Issue:
Greetings from PODS Board President

Greetings Members,

We are working diligently to release PODS 7.0 Data Model, the official project file and Data Exchange format.  However if you want to see PODS 7.0 draft now, it's as simple as downloading and reviewing PODS Lite 1.1!

We need your feedback and we appreciate your patience as our volunteers work toward completing the full release of PODS 7.0 for our members.

Also, if you are interested in being part of the next 20 years of PODS history, consider running for the PODS Board!  We will have 5 seats open up next year, 2 service provider and 3 operators. 
Jackie Smith, PODS Board President

PODS Volunteers Present at GITA Pipeline Technology Conference

GITA's Pipeline Technology Forum this year featured many presentations and panel discussions by PODS members.  View the entire Event website HERE.

PODS-specific talks included Pioneering PODS Lite ( PODS Board President Jackie Smith, Williams and Patrick Boes, Global Information Systems), and The Technical and Business Value of the PODS 7.0 Data Model ( PODS Board member and Next Gen Co-Chair Peter Veenstra, PIVVOT).  In addition, PODS volunteers and members presented topics and discussions in the following areas (PODS volunteers highlighted in bold):
  • Innovative Ways to Translate Survey Data to Usable GIS Information. Presenters:  Patricia Dulban, Integrity Mapping LLC, Stephanie McMath, BSD Consulting Inc.
  • Data to Information to Results; Planning the Pipeline Data Management Roadmap. Presenters:  Lucas Hutmacher, TRC Solutions, Peter Veenstra, Pivvot
  • Challenges around enterprise implementation of GIS-centric systems for management of pipeline assets. Presenter: Sam Acheson, ROSEN
  • Shifting from data as a source of information into Data as a critical business asset. Presenters: Mauricio Palomino, Tracy Thorleifson, G2 Integrated Solutions
  • In-Line Inspection Data in Today's World: Data Tsunami or Surfable Challenge? Presenter: Alejandro Reyes, ROSEN
  • PANEL THREE: As-built Best Practices and Survey Data Management (Imperial Ballroom East, 3rd level)  Panelists: Surya Gade, Manager, Pipeline Engineering and Geospatial Engineering Department, Gulf Interstate Engineering; Abhay Chand, Chief Executive Officer, Petro IT (USA) Inc; Rick Roberts, Principal Consultant, Petro IT; Ted Tomes, Spatial Data Director, Anadarko Petroleum

Constructing the PODS 7.0 Data Model - at IPC

Developed by PODS Board Member and Next Gen Co-Chair Pete Veenstra, and PODS Communications Committee Chair Stacey McBride, this comprehensive diagram lays out the fundamentals of constructing the PODS 7.0 (Next Generation) Data Model.   For a large scalable version of this poster in PDF format, please visit our website at www.pods.org   

PODS Is Media Partner - ADA Upstream 2019 Event
PODS is proud to announce a partnership with the ADA Upstream 2019 event, scheduled for March 2019. To learn more about the event, go here:  http://www.ada-upstream.com/partnerships/media-partners/

PODS Lite v1.1 Reaches 150 Downloads
Over 150 people have downloaded PODS Lite v1.1 since its
release in September.  This latest version of PODS Lite (v 1.1) includes implementations for SQL Server, Oracle, and PostGreSQL in addition to  Geodatabase implementation. Version 1.1 also includes schema changes based on testing of version 1.0, new tables, abstract classes and code lists, data type and names changes. 
  • PODS Lite version 1.1 is being made available in the Esri Geodatabase format, RDBMS format, and the OpenSpatial Format. It does NOT require Esri APR.
  • PODS 7.0 and PODS Lite support Esri APR without any modification to either data model. The PODS Association and Esri have worked collaboratively on the development of PODS Lite Geodatabase for APR. PODS Lite allows pipeline operators to take advantage of both Esri's APR and the PODS Pipeline Data Model. Pipeline operators will realize significant value when using APR's linear referencing and data management tools along with the PODS Lite Data Model.
  • PODS 7.0 and PODS Lite DO NOT REQUIRE Esri's APRalthough they support Esri APR without any modification to either data model.
  • PODS Lite and PODS 7.0 are not specific to Esri or the Esri APR extension to the ArcGIS Platform. PODS Lite v 1.1 supports implementation in additional relational database management system (RDBMS) and geographic information system (GIS) environments
  • PODS Lite comes in many flavors.

Welcome New Board Members
We would like to thank all the outgoing Board Members for all of the hard work and dedication they provided over the years. And now we are ready to welcome some fresh perspectives to the board.  Our most recent additions to the Board Member group are (new members highlighted in bold):

Chad Corcoran,  Andeavor, Next Gen Co-Chair (2020)
Paul Herrmann,  Chevron, Vice President (2020)
Chad Hultman,  ONEOK, Treasurer (2020)
Andy Morris,  DCP Midstream, TCG Chair (2019)
William "Buddy" Nagel,  Kinder Morgan, (2019)
Gina O'Beirne, TransCanada, (2020)
Todd Patterson,  Buckeye Partners, L.P. (2020)
Rick Roberts, Petro IT USA, Secretary (2020)
Gautam Singh,  ExxonMobil, (2020)
Jackie Smith,  Williams, President (2019)
Peter Veenstra,  TRC, Next Gen Co-Chair (2019)
Gary Whitcher, Blue Sky Evolution (2019)

To learn more about our Board Members' backgrounds, read their bios here.

PODS Social Media
The PODS Member Portal has custom social media features for members of the PODS Association to communicate through discussion threads, sharing documents, and more. Look for an announcement about a self-paced video tutorial coming soon!

Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association

PODS Next Generation: 
A Commitment to PODS as a Standard and a Transformed Data Model