August 2018     PODS Fall Conference Sept 12-13
Summer Greetings! This is  PODS 20th Year. Let's Celebrate!
PODS first started in 1998 -- 20 years ago. Thank you Ron Brush for serving as PODS "informal" historian and reaching into PODS historical records!

We are ready for PODS Fall Conference and are EXCITED to share our latest developments on PODS 7.0 (Next Gen). PODS 7.0 is in the final stages of development. We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning from your experiences in working in PODS Legacy (PODS 6.x and earlier versions), and providing valuable networking with PODS Association members.

This year the PODS Association Board made a conscious decision to conduct its Fall Conference independently and discontinue Pipeline Week. This decision was in part, tied to the development of PODS 7.0 which represents a major transformation in the PODS Data Model.

This fall time provides plenty for the pipeline industry: the PODS Fall Conference immediately follows the Esri Pipeline Seminar. PODS Association scheduled the PODS Fall Conference at the same hotel for your convenience and savings in travel costs. GITA, our previous partner in Pipeline Week is hosting the Pipeline Technology Conference one month later in Houston.

Let's kick off the fall, and gather for PODS Association 20th Year! I look forward to seeing all of you.


Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
P.S. If you are a PODS Member, and you have any questions about accessing the PODS Member Portal, please contact Jen Gordon at

PODS Fall Conference
Technical Topics and Logistics 

  September 12-13th, 2018 HOUSTON
Discounted Hotel Room Rate for REGISTRANTS. Register NOW, guaranteed rate is offered for a LIMITED number of rooms.
PODS Fall Conference will provide:  
  • Training on PODS Data Model basics and selecting the right data model. 
  • Deployment of PODS 7.0.
  • Presentation will include deep and detailed discussion and demos of technical aspects of implementing the PODS Data Model.

TECHNICAL TOPICS- Topics on the agenda include:
Choosing a PODS Implementation - RDBMS or Spatial and which version? PODS or UPDM? Factors to consider in working through decision process.
PODS Fundamentals - Understanding the PODS Standard and Data Model design.
PODS 7.0 and extending using EA. How to bring 4.02 extensions forward in 7.0:  Write your own tables/module. Demonstrations.
How to plan a roadmap to PODS upgrades. Diving deep.

DAY ONE (9/12 noon-4:30, Cocktail hour and social 4:30-6pm)
  • Box Lunch and Registration 
  • PODS - Value Proposition- by the Industry for the Industry
  • Data Models Breakdown - Standards-approach vs. template-approach
  • PODS 101 - Conceptual Model version 7.0 - Digging in
  • PODS 102 - Choosing a PODS Implementation: RDBMS or Spatial
  • Cocktails & Social Networking Hour
DAY TWO (9/13 8:30am-4:30pm)
  • Continental Breakfast
  • What Sets PODS Data Standards Apart?
  • Technical & Business Value
  • PODS Lite v. 1.0 Implementations - panel discussion deep dive on case studies
  • Q & A
  • Lunch ProvidedPODS Awards
    . PODS Awards Program
  • PODS 7.0
  • Q & A

PODS Lite version 1.1 is HERE!

Out for Member Comment on 8/30/2018 is where you can find Version 1.1 of the latest PODS Data Model after 8/30/18 - and this one is FREE and available to ALL (PODS Membership is not a requirement)

History Project Team, 
a subgroup of the
Next Generation Workgroup, 
Seeking 2 New Members

PODS Next Generation Work Group is in the final stretches of developing PODS 7.0, and needs a few more people to round out the History Project Team. The 8-10 person team is tasked with the following objective:

To define the approach, technical considerations and requirements for tracking history in a relational or geodatabase implementation of the PODS 7.0 schema. Members will  investigate and document offline history, inline history, geodatabase archiving and other RDBMS-specific techniques.
Interested?  Please fill out our Online Volunteer Questionnaire and contact Next Gen Co-chair Chad Corcoran at

PODS 6.1 Spatial Released
Available to PODS Members
from the PODS Member Portal

  Login to the PODS Member Portal Here  to Download the PODS Data Model version 6.1

PODS at 20 Years -- a milestone
Ask Us How You Can Help Us Celebrate
Contact Kathy Mayo at if you are interested in contributing $500 in sponsorship toward celebrating this important milestone.


Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association
PODS Association

PODS Fall Conference 2018 September 12-13

In This Issue
Business Value of PODS 7.0 - Article Published in Foundations Magazine

Curious about how PODS 7.0 (our Next Generation model) will have value to you?  This article was  written by PODS Board member Chad Corcoran in collaboration with members of the Next Gen Working Group:

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