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October 2017
Pipeline Week 2017 was a huge success this year, with 588 attendees representing 13 different countries; 45 Exhibitors and 6 sponsors. The PODS Plenary focused on the current work and progress of the Technical Committees and addressing the challenges in front of us. It was well attended, with over 120 attendees. If you missed it, you can view the 2017 PODS Plenary Slidedeck here .  
Other exciting news is that the 6.1 Relational Data Model is ready for Member Review. If you are a PODS member, you may access it on the PODS Member Portal HERE.
Dan Palazzolo and Andy Morris Receive 
Volunteer Award of Distinguished Service
One of our favorite things to do during Pipeline Week is to honor our volunteers.  This year two people were chosen to receive the Award of Distinguished Service.

Dominic (Dan) Palazzolo served as a past board member of the PODS Association and Chaired the first Technical Committee on Governance when it was formed 18 months ago. Prior to establishment of the TCG, this group was referred to as the PODS Steering Committee, which he also chaired.

Dan has been with the PODS Association since inception, laying the ground work for where the organization is today. He is a respected authoritative source on PODS and unfortunately for him as he says, he is the go to person for PODS issues and hard to answer questions.  Dan keeps it real and to the point, but knows when to have fun.

Dan currently sits on the Next Generation Working Group and the Technical Committee on Governance. He has a strong commitment to the PODS organization. As he stepped away from the board, he committed to seeing a number of important efforts through, including Next Gen and the organizational transition within the TCG. Dan is leading the effort in developing the PODS Core in Next Gen.

Dan has been with Williams Gas Pipeline for nearly 30 years, and is serves as the IT team lead responsible for managing GIS data architecture and data integration. Dan serves the community as an active member at his Church and as an Instructor at Houston Community College where he teaches a GIS class.

Andy Morris's decision to run for the board followed by  stepping up to lead the Technical Committee on Governance was based on his commitment to bring best practices to the PODS Association. Andy's leadership, pragmatism and dedication is regularly shown in the tough questions he asks, hands-on assistance he provides to others in the organization, and ability to bring people together around issues.

Morris is the GIS Manager for DCP Midstream LP. He is a member of the IT Leadership Team responsible for setting strategy, priorities and budget for the DCP IT group.  Andy is also responsible for leading LEAN Kaizen process optimization efforts across DCP Business functions. Not short of things to do, Andy also manages the GIS group of 16 team members who are all
responsible for the care and feeding of our PODS database, which serves as the DCP Midstream system of record for pipeline facility asset management and PHMSA regulatory reporting for 63,000 miles of pipelines. 

Andy spends his "down-time" skiing, hiking and mountain biking in Colorado's mountains with his family and friends.
6.1 Data Model Released for Member Review
The volunteer members of PODS Technical Committee on Data Modeling has completed their work and we are ready for PODS Member input regarding the long-awaited PODS 6.1 Data Model.  Id you are a PODS Member, Click HERE to access the Data Models download area on the PODS Member Portal and download the 87.7MB zip file, review it and let us know what you think.

PODS Member Portal 101 Training -
Coming in November!
Look forward to a pre-recorded training session about how to navigate our new Member Portal.....coming up in November. If you haven't logged into our new Members-Only Member Portal area, please contact jen.gordon@pods.org and she will help step you through the process.
PODS Free Webinar 12/14/17 @noonCST
Next Gen Core 7.0 Ready to Recruit 
Project Teams Volunteers

The Next Gen Working Group has released PODS Lite and has made significant progress toward the Next Gen Core 7.0 completion. We are ready to recruit volunteer members for Project Teams where we will debate and design how the Next Gen model (7.x) will handle History and Offline Inspections (ILI, CIS, etc.).  
A FREE webinar scheduled for  December 14, 2017  will provide:
  • A brief update on the PODS 7.0 work to date
  • An overview of the Project Team Charters and each scope of work
  • An overview of ideal team composition
  • Explanation of the volunteer recruitment and selection process
To REGISTER NOW for this FREE Webinar,  click HERE .

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kathy Mayo at kathy.mayo@pods.org or click  here to fill out our online Questionnaire, and someone will contact you soon. Submissions that have been collected over the past two years are included in the Volunteer Pool for consideration in working on Next Gen teams.
PODS Lite & Next Gen Update
The Next Gen team is focusing on releasing the complete PODS Lite release including support for Esri Geodatabases, RDBMS environments such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and POSTGRES. All of which will work with, but do not require, the Esri APR solution.

2018 Board of Directors Nominations
There are five open seats for the 2018 PODS Board of Directors, including 4 Operators and 1 Service Provider. Have you been interested in joining the team? Look for more information coming soon, it will be emailed and also posted on the PODS website and Member Portal. Nomination period will be November through mid-January.

Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association
Calendar of Industry Events
Industry Events are hard to keep track of -
go HERE to the PODS Member Portal Industry Events List 
to see a list of Industry Events that we think might be of interest to you.
Pipeline Week 2017 in pictures

slidedeck on www.PODS.org
Pipeline Week
PODS Plenary 2017 Slidedeck

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