June 2018  
Summer Greetings!
I hope all of you are having the type of summer you envisioned -- taking time to get outdoors, cooking on the bbq and spending time with family and friends. Jen Gordon and I are taking in some good summer fun, no doubt!   
However, fun aside, I want to share with you the PODS work we are engaged in. Jen is putting the final touches on the documentation for PODS 1.1, moving it forward for approval by the board for membership review and comment.This has been a labor of commitment, leadership, and excellence by the PODS Next Gen Committee, Co-Chaired by Peter Veenstra (Pivvot) and Chad Corcoran (Andeavor).
This newsletter also reports an increase in PODS Association dues. This decision was carefully reviewed and deliberated by the PODS Association Membership Committee, Chaired by Paul Herrmann (Chevron). Upon their recommendation, it was approved by the Board during their May meeting. I hope all of PODS members will support this decision. PODS Association is committed to deliver benefits to our members including expanded webinars, increased volunteer opportunities and member-access through the PODS portal. We are sure you will agree.  


Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
P.S. If you are a PODS Member, and you have any questions about accessing the PODS Member Portal, please contact Jen Gordon at  jen.gordon@pods.org

Member Dues Rate Increase 2019

PODS Association membership dues will increase at the start of 2019. Many PODS members are developing their budgets now, so please note these increases.

PODS Board is committed to delivering benefits to YOU, the members. This is done through our mission focused on the PODS Data Standards and Data Model. The effort and resources needed to transform PODS Data Model and continue to deliver excellence through design, documentation, testing requires greater demands on the Association.

A dues increase enables PODS Association to improve workflows and member engagement to deliver what YOU, the PODS MEMBER, expects.

New dues schedule:

Large Pipeline Operator $7,000
Small Pipeline Operator $2,750
Service Provider $2,750
Government $750

NEW! PODS Fall Conference 
Details Coming Soon!

Changes are in the air, and we are excited to announce that PODS will be holding our own PODS Conference in the Fall of 2018.

There will no longer be a Pipeline Week event in partnership with GITA as of the Fall of 2018.

Keep checking your email for updates as plans unfold....We want to hear from you about what YOU want to see in this event.  

PODS Lite v. 1.1 - Webinar July 19th
Member Comment Period Begins Late July
Consider attending the July 19th FREE Lunchtime Webinar, where we will share more details about PODS Lite v 1.1 and PODS 7.0 Progress Updates. Learn how to get involved in the Member Comment period!  

How Does it Happen?  
Committees and Volunteers
Producing the transformed PODS Data Model takes many hours of hard, detailed work. This includes direct work on the data model and support activities of planning, governance and communication.  

PODS Association follows a volunteer model and the majority of this work is achieved through volunteers who are also busy with their day-job. PODS has over 14 active co mmittees, comprised of 50+ volunteers -- some serving in more than one committee. They are all recognized experts in the industry, which is what distinguished PODS -- the data model and  standards, and PODS Association.

Volunteers have been actively recruited and over 20 new volunteers have stepped forward this past year to serve on one of PODS committees. If you have not been tapped yet, please know that committee chairs regularly turn to this pool to fill roles they have in their committees. This is an active, ongoing process. 

If you are interested in serving and have not submitted your information for placement in the PODS Volunteer Pool, please s ubmit your information to us either online using our Volunteer Interest Form or with this downloadable PDF form

Immediate need for Volunteers- Committee for PODS Cloud Environment for Testing and Model Development

PODS Association is setting up a collaborative workspace in the Cloud for development and testing of the PODS Data Model 7.0 and modules. An analysis and strategy was developed for PODS and this committee is responsible for initial implementation, including drafting business and governance rules; and timing and method for orientation and training for users of the workspace.  
Experience needed for serving on this committee includes technical capabilities in PODS, RDBMS, Esri platform, testing, and working in the Cloud. 2 or 3 individuals will be appointed. Appointment scheduled to begin asap.   
Interested in joining the team? Submit your information to us either online using our Volunteer Interest Form or with this downloadable PDF form

Missed the 2018 PODS Forum?

90 people attended the 2018 PODS Forum, and the day was full of engaging conversation and connections made amongst Operators and Service Providers.  If you missed it, don't worry, 

--ALSO, if you want to see other presentations--

Welcome 2018 Board of Directors

Chad Corcoran,  Andeavor, Next Gen Co-Chair
Katrin Franke, TransCanada, Communications Chair. Katrin resigned from the PODS Board May 31 due to reassignment of duties at TransCanada. The board is working on a direct appointment, per the bylaws.
Paul Herrmann,  Chevron, Vice President
Chad Hultman,  ONEOK, Treasurer
Nichole Killingsworth,  Blue Sky Evolution
Andy Morris,  DCP Midstream, TCG Chair
William "Buddy" Nagel,  Kinder Morgan, Governance Chair
Mike Ortiz,  New Century Software, Secretary
Todd Patterson,  Buckeye Partners, L.P.
Gautam Singh,  ExxonMobil
Jackie Smith,  Williams, President
Peter Veenstra, Pivvot, Next Gen Co-Chair


Kathy Mayo, Executive Director
PODS Association
PODS Association

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PODS Lite 1.1 & PODS 7.0

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Business Value of PODS 7.0 - Article Published in Foundations Magazine

Curious about how PODS 7.0 (our Next Generation model) will have value to you?  This article was  written by PODS Board member Chad Corcoran in collaboration with members of the Next Gen Working Group:
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