Grow Kansas Film finally has film tax incentive legislation that has been introduced with SB91. Please take the time to reach out to your Kansas legislators and share your support for this bill and film incentives in the state of Kansas. GKF has a hearing scheduled with the Commerce Committee at 10:30AM on Thursday, February 2, and advocates are encouraged to make their voices heard before this time.

How You Can Help (from Grow Kansas Film)

Step #1: Find out who your KS legislators are here.

Step #2: Find their contact information here.

Email is the best way to communicate. You can also call based on the phone numbers at the link above.

Script or Call Template:

#1: Identify yourself, your connection to your legislator (living in their district is the main connection), and the connection you have to the topic of film, media, and Kansas arts.

#2 Very brief description of the work you do or why you care and how the new law will impact you and your community or work.

Ideas to mention in your email or call

  • Jobs, economic development, talent retention, and tourism.
  • Education and workforce benefits.
  • Cost to the state is far below the revenue brought into the state.
  • Gives Kansas a chance to compete with other states because we do not now.
  • And Missouri is seeking legislation this year as well.

Step #3: Thank your legislators for hearing the bill, assume they support the bill by emphasizing the key parts for you.

Step #4: Key Point to Make or what we are asking for:

If your legislator is on the Senate Commerce Committee: Support the bill and advance it to the full Senate. Consider any amendments based on the input of Grow Kansas Film.

If they are not on the Senate Commerce Committee: urge them to share their support with the Senators on the committee.

We have a one-page explanation on how incentives work from Grow Kansas Film here and Senate Bill 91 here

Additional Resources

- Samples from other states and film projects on the benefits to incentives you can peruse or share here.

Key Legislators

These are the key legislators right now for Senate Bill 91. These legislators are priority contacts. This list includes only the one Senate committee that deals with economic development legislation and policy. If your Senate member is not on this list, search for them at the link above and use the script above.

If you do not have a legislator listed, it’s only because they are not on this committee. You still need to contact them using the talking points.

Senate Commerce Committee

These are linked directly to their official contact information including emails, phone, and mailing address.


• Sen. Renee Erickson Vice Chair

• Sen. Brenda Dietrich Ranking Minority Member

• Sen. Tom Holland


• Sen. John Doll

• Sen. Kristen O'Shea

• Sen. Virgil Peck

• Sen. Mark Steffen

• Sen. Caryn Tyson

• Sen. Mary Ware

All state legislators can be found here.


From Arts Council of Johnson County - Amid COVID-19, artists, musicians, and arts organizations have adapted their programming and held communities together while helping people cope and heal. Arts organizations and creative industries are second only to travel and hospitality industries in the scale of economic losses they have sustained due to COVID-19. 

Developed with community feedback, ACJC's American Rescue Plan Advisory Committee created a proposal to include the arts in Johnson County Government's COVID recovery funding. 

Next Thursday, Feb. 2nd, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will vote on our request for recovery funding for the arts. The meeting begins 9:30 am, 3rd floor of the County Administration Building, 111 S. Cherry St., Olathe.

As an arts supporter I hope you will share your support for recovery funding for the arts with your County Commissioner

Our collaborative request includes:

  • InterUrban ArtHouse - Provide artists and creative industries professionals operating small businesses with professional development training, workshops & resources. $43,000
  • Arts Council of Johnson County – Grants for artists and nonprofit arts organizations to help with paying rent, utilities, offset revenue loss, and other appropriate operating expenses. $884,900
  • Emporia State University – Trauma-informed and Autism Spectrum training for Johnson County educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, art center staff, and artists who interface with the public; and Art therapy services at Johnson County public institutions, including public schools, where art therapists will be engaged to provide direct services to residents of Johnson County. $721,890
  • JCPRD Culture Division - arts, history, and culture programs, events and projects that aid our community in recovery and rebuilding. $251,730 and Makers Space Project - $172,000

I hope you will show your support for the request by attending the BOCC meeting and/or letting your Johnson County Commissioner know that you support recovery funding for the creative industries and value the arts in our community.

For questions, email BHaralson@ArtsKC.org, or call 816.994.9224.

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