July 30th, 2017

XANADU has several Pomksy babies that need new homes. All are playful, sweet, healthy, and MOST will be small as adults. One female, however--our Guardian female--will be larger--maybe 27 pounds or so as an adult. All of these playful, sweet, snuggly, feisty, healthy, beautiful little puppies are ON SALE NOW. While we could have late-season puppies through the end of the year (we think we'll have more pups; we don't have pregnancy confirmations), our 2017 season is winding down. Any mid-August breedings mean Christmas puppies. Confirmed pregnancies will be noted in future Pup Alert newsletters.


Thank you for your interest in the XANADU Dog and in our current litters of puppies. POMSKIES ARE ON SALE and HERE WE GO!


POMSKY puppies have had their core vaccines, worm meds, and have been examined by a veterinarian. ALL XANADU puppies are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health. Please call me (no texts or emails) if you fall in love with one of these pups; they will fall in love with you. 970 708-8030 (cell) & 970 626-9747 (home)

Initial pup inquiries: XanaduPack@gmail.com

For PayPal payments, the PayPal website is used with the following seller address: sheron.steele@gmail.com

Sprite's littlest female pup, tri-color sweety whose ears will stand up. She has wolfy markings that are so popular. As a Litter Pick, her price was $2200; Her price is reduced to $1300. This is a playful girl who is ready to play with her new owner. Puppy Pick-up is between now and Sunday at XANADU HQ in Ridgway, CO. Call for directions: 970 626-9747 and 970 626-9747.

Male Litter Pick POMSKY Puppy. Handsome black & white markings. Very friendly, cuddly boy. Original price $2500; now $1300.

Female Guardian POMSKY. Cream-colored, eyes are brown w/ blue fleck, very pretty poofy coat, playful and sweet. Original price $1000; now $800. XANADU would like a two-litter breeding agreement; we pay for all breeding expenses--stud fee, artificial insemination, vet pup care, special breeding-related needs of the mother dog, and pup care is remunerated, also. This pup will be small as an adult--but larger than many Pomskies; she'll be about 27 lb. and have a marvelous coat.

If you have questions about your hoped-for new BFF, please call me. Your calls are welcome for the life of your puppy.

Sheron and XANADU Pack

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts): 970-708-8030