PONY Newsletter | October 1, 2020
Welcome HOME!
Fall is here and we are all together! Thanks for your attention to detail and for your full support to make it happen - We are St. Pats!
School Updates
"Giving 100%"

To think our entire student body has not been present on campus since that fateful day, Friday, March 13th, 2020. There was a buzz in the building that Friday as the entire community anxiously awaited Choose Your Own Oz, a middle school production that was destined to be great! On Tuesday, that palpable buzz was back again as our students and teachers united in the excitement of being together to learn and grow in faith. Thanks again for all your support in helping us reach this milestone, and for your commitment to keeping it safe and sustainable as we forge ahead.

"Measuring Academic Progress" - MAP Assessments

Tomorrow, students in grades 3-8th will be given an envelope with your child’s MAP® Growth™ assessments results from the past few weeks. The report is entitled "Family Report." These tests not only determine your child’s instructional level, but also measure their academic growth throughout the school year (and from year to year) in Reading, Language, and Mathematics. Students in K-2 are currently taking the MAP Reading Fluency assessment, and results will be coming later this month. 

In 2020, educators and families have been tasked with the challenge of determining where students were prior to the pandemic, what areas may be deficient at the present time, and what we will do to close any potential gaps. While we expect there to be gaps, this data will be one of many important steps in the months and years ahead to regain some of the learning lost and set essential goals for the future.

The most recent comparative data we have for returning students at St. Patrick is Winter 2020. Our faculty is currently analyzing your child’s data and planning instructional strategies that will benefit them. They will also be conferencing with each student to review data and establish goals for this school year. Dating back to last year when we began MAP Growth as our new assessment solution, we have taken the first few strides of a long growth journey, and we are enjoying learning more about NWEA MAP assessments and how they will benefit our students’ learning.

Catholic Services Appeal 2020
The theme for this year is: We are called… to do justice, love goodness, to walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8).

These words are fitting, especially with the pandemic and social justice challenges our community and beyond continues to face. Our CSA collection weekend is October 10/11. The typical in-pew collection of envelopes in the chairs and passing down the rows will be adjusted to comply with Covid-19 guidelines. Watch the video HERE.
Parish-School Target: $133,300 (Last year's goal $140,400 and we finished at $127,938, approx, 91% of goal)

Parish-School Participation Goal: 314 households (last year goal was 235 and we had 312 households donate, 132% of goal)

Archdiocesan Goal: $3,900,000 (same as last year)

We invite you to bring your family to Mass and share in the joy of giving. No gift is too big or too small. You will have an opportunity to make your gift at Mass so please bring your checkbook or phone. Yes, you can text to give and it is a safe and secure option. Over the past several years, we have created a friendly school competition between classrooms to generate greater participation from our school families. Stay tuned for details on what the plans are for this year. A prize will be awarded to the winning class with the most participation in the appeal.

Gifts can be made in the following ways:

Cash, Check, Credit Card, Electronic transfer from checking, stocks and employer matching gifts, if applicable.

1. Online at www.stpatlou.org, click on CSA Donate Here link
2. Online at www.archlou.org
3. Envelopes received in the mail or at the Welcome Desk in the church gathering space.

Your participation is important. Together, we can do this!
Campus Highlights
"Lunch on The Hill!" kicked off today with beautiful weather.
Students seemed to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!
More students and more in-person learning this week.
Here's an inside look at Mrs. Nilsen's Science class.
8th grade students are participating in their Confirmation Retreat entitled With Great Power. This retreat is being led by a group of young adult missionaries from an organization called NET Ministries.
Students enjoying their lunch at the "Schindler Hall Dining Experience" (as Mr. Sturtzel likes to call it).
Mrs. Meyer has led the charge in planning and coordinating our new lunch and recess locations with faculty, staff, students, parents, and Taher!
These plans have been a huge part of our early success this week!
(They are smiling in the picture!)
Prayer for a Teacher & Role Model
Because I am a teacher,
I am a role model to my students.
I pray that my actions will always be consistent with my beliefs.
I know that my deeds speak more loudly than my words.
May every step that I take reflect Your truth and love,
And may others be drawn to You because of my words and deeds.