A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 17, 2020
Still counting down. We are amazed at how fast and incredibly slow this year has gone. Maybe it's been the additional stress everyone has lived with. We have never been so grateful for happy, thriving houseplants in our homes as well as enjoying the outdoors.  

You might remember a story a while back where I shared Scott has his own helium tank in the office. He seriously loves balloons. It is the most random thing I can think of about him.  And this isn't the small store bought tank. This is the full fledged 5' tall tank sitting in a corner waiting to fill the void of happiness.  

The first week of December, Jack Meyers, our Landscape Install Manager, was celebrating three years at FGS! Y'all know how much I love this guy and to celebrate, we decided to put balloons on his desk.  

Amanda was up for the challenge as she had never filled balloons before. Off she goes filling three balloons for Jack and one for Scott. When you fill balloons, you always make one extra and tie it to Scott's computer.  Not even kidding.  

Amanda finishes up and out of nowhere, she throws open my door and says, "Marsha!" At the same moment, a balloon from her bouquet rubs the popcorn ceiling and bursts. This turns into both of us screaming and we manage to successfully startle and disrupt the entire office. I absolutely hate to be startled.  

Needless to say, Amanda has lost her balloon privileges. We are going to keep her doing what she does best. Bossing us.  

Don't be alarmed. We are still here for all things green and gifty. Having one of those days and need a balloon? Call us. We can blow one up for you while you shop!  
Our company will be CLOSED
December 24-January 1.
The Garden Center will reopen
Saturday, January 2.
Our lawn maintenance and landscape divisions will return Monday, January 4.
Anthurium is a popular houseplant for many reasons. It may be most popular for the lovely blooms that grace the plant for months at a time. Blooms are white, pink or red. Anthurium are also easy to care for and maintain. To enjoy the most blooms, it loves bright, indirect light. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Overwatering will cause root rot and no one wants that.
If we had to pick a favorite evergreen berry producing shrub, Pyracantha Victory may be it. In spring, you will enjoy delicate white flowers. They will give way to clusters of red berries with intense color and number. Pyracantha can be used in so many ways--as a barrier screen, in a container or topiary, in rock gardens, or as a hedge or mass planting. The options are endless! Plus, birds love them!
The clock is ticking and Christmas is nearly here! We bet you are swamped doing your final shopping, wrapping and baking. You are looking for a gift for that special some one and need an idea. We know!!! Get them an FGS gift card. You can pick any amount you choose, and buy them in store (where you can also splurge on a plant and pot for yourself), or order them on our website.
If you are thinking now is not the right time to plant, think again!
You can plant year-round with success in our area.
Last week, we shared suggestions for houseplants that thrive in medium to low light. If you missed it, you can find it in this post.

One of those plants was Aglaonema--a gorgeous houseplant that comes in many varieties with leaves that look painted by an artist. If you are wondering about how to best care for these beauties, you will enjoy reading this blog post.
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