Got Curriculum?  
POP ZING BOOM! supports state & national standards in the areas of both science & music! 
* S1P1. c&d - Students will investigate light and sound;

* c. Investigate how vibrations produce sound. 
* d. Differentiate between various sounds in terms of pitch (high & low) and volume (loud or soft).
* S4P2. a&b - Students will demonstrate how sound is produced by vibrating objects and how sound can be varied by changing the rate of vibration. 
* a. Investigate how sound is produced. 
* b. Recognize the conditions that cause pitch to vary. 
* M1GM. 6a&b - Listening to, analyzing, and describing music. 
* a. Distinguish between contrasts (pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre) in various pieces of music. 
* b. Describe music using appropriate vocabulary (e.g., high, low, loud, quiet, fast and slow). 
M4GM.8 - Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts. 
Got Questions?    
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POP ZING BOOM = Hands-On Learning!  
This interactive workshop connects students with sound and science concepts through demonstration, mini performances and hands-on discovery.  Offered as single or multi-day "residencies", POP ZING BOOM is designed for single class participation.  In each session, students explore environmental resources, sound production and scientific principles.  They also see, touch, hear and learn the differences between idiophones & membranophones and discover how physical properties and sound production techniques affect each instrument's unique sound. And, they discover how sound & science come together to create music!  
* Grades K-5
* Pricing Info:  Single Day, Metro Atlanta - $650
   For Multiple Day Discounts (3 + Days) or Pricing Information        Outside of Metro Atlanta, jot us a line! 
* Contact Us:
Check out POP ZING BOOM! in Action

POP ZING BOOM! was recently featured on Cobb edTV, a local cable/web channel dedicated to 'all things educational' in Cobb County, GA.  

Click the link below to view the video: 

POP ZING BOOM at Blackwell Elementary School, Cobb County, GA
POP ZING BOOM! at Blackwell Elementary School, Cobb County, GA

About Dave

Dave Holland is passionate about 'all things rhythm'!  As a teaching artist, performer, and facilitator, he has turned that passion into a meaningful, life long purpose; to create connections through rhythm-based programs.  Dave's carefully crafted in-school programs combine world culture and music with curriculum to create experiences that are educational, interactive & fun! Dave is the author of 3 books/DVD for music teachers, music therapists & drum circle facilitators.   His collection of family music CDs & educational DVDs offer up a healthy dose of teaching artistry & performance delivered in a high energy package!