PORAC Region Election Results
On Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 the final results were recorded for the 2020 Region Elections. Below are the election results for each Region.

All positions were uncontested unless noted otherwise.
Region I
Executive Committee – Paul Kelly, San Jose POA
IBT Trustee – Bryan Hubbard, Oakland POA

Congratulations to Paul Kelly and Bryan Hubbard!
Region II
Executive Committee – Eric Schmidt, Fresno Co DSA
IBT Trustee – Patrick Martin, Butte Co DSA
LDF Trustee – Todd Frazier, Fresno POA
RMT Trustee – Terry Moore, Chico POA (ret.)

Congratulations to Eric Schmidt, Patrick Martin, Todd Frazier and Terry Moore!
Region III
Executive Committee – Anthony Sanders, Ventura Co DSA
IBT Trustee – Roger Garcia, Oxnard POA

Congratulations to Anthony Sanders and Roger Garcia!
Region IV
Executive Committee – Grant Ward, SEBA
IBT Trustee – Richard Buss, SEBA
RMT Trustee – Dennis Hashin, Huntington Beach POA (ret.)
** LDF Trustee – Fred Rowbotham, Chula Vista POA

  • Fred Rowbotham, Chula Vista POA
  • Phil Jonas, SEBA

Votes Cast:
  • Fred Rowbotham - 6,458
  • Phil Jonas - 4,108

Total Votes Cast: 10,566

The Region IV ballots for LDF Trustee incorrectly listed each associations vote count. In accordance with the PORAC Bylaws, vote count is determined by LDF participant count as of June 30th. The above results were tallied based on each association’s LDF participant count as of June 30, 2020.

** denotes contested election
Congratulations to Grant Ward, Richard Buss, Dennis Hashin and Fred Rowbotham!
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