Hawaii Democrats Want Taxpayers to Issue Them a
"Pork Barrel Express" Credit Card
through a Proposed New State-Owned Bank

Dear Hawaii Republican:
While the useless, fawning local media was distracted by the bread and circus revelry of this past week's Opening Day at the Hawaii State Legislature, Democrats made a disturbing power play for your pocketbook by scheduling for a hearing House Bill 326, a dangerous bill to create a taxpayer backed, state-owned bank. Even as legislators publicly gushed platitudes of "aloha" and "ohana" before the cameras, behind the scenes at precisely 12:01 p.m. during Opening Day, Democratic staffers discreetly filed the hearing notice to set their devious plan in motion.
The bill, which will be heard by the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, January 27 at 2:30 p.m. in Conference Room 325promises to "establish and operate an interim purchase program for distressed residential properties encumbered by problematic mortgages. "  What that REALLY means is that the proposed new law  would give control freak Democrats unprecedented power to purchase properties at will, issue credit (with your family on the hook) to their special interest friends , and duplicate for island residents the same kind of disastrous public-private monetary policies that triggered the global 2008 Banking Crisis .
In their decades of majority rule, Hawaii Democrats have already implemented nearly every plank of the Communist Manifesto with their corrupt monopolies on agriculture, education, energy production, labor, and mass transit. The fifth plank of communism, centralization of credit in the hands of the State, is the ultimate dream of every would-be tyrant, and will be coming soon to Hawaii unless YOU do something about it.
Do not be deceived .   Unless conservative Republicans make their opposition loud and clear, Democrats will only get bolder and more aggressive in their aims to control your future and way of life.   You cannot afford to be silent on House Bill 326.   Remember how Hawaii taxpayers just ate the cost of the failed Obamacare Hawaii Connector exchange ?
President Ronald Reagan warned conservatives in 1980, "We cannot continue letting events and crises get out of control. We must be in control so as to prevent being confronted by a crisis. This requires a sound economy, a strong national defense, and the will and determination to preserve peace and freedom."
Fellow conservative and patriot, you are receiving this email because you are Hawaii's first, last, and only line of defense against Democratic imperialism. It is time for you, your family, and conservatives all across this Aloha State to take back control from the reckless, greedy, control freak liberals. What will happen when Hawaii Democrats abuse a state-owned bank to the point of insolvency? Our national economy is already fragile and our banking system has barely recovered from 2008. If the Federal Government were ever forced to bailout Hawaii, there is a very real possibility that it could trigger a systemic collapse that would send the entire nation into hyperinflation.
That's right. If conservatives don't do something now, Hawaii could have the unenviable legacy of being the one state that killed the U.S. Dollar.
Weimar Germany. Greece. Yugoslavia. Zimbabwe. The list of regimes that succumbed to the temptation of manipulating the supply of money with government banks and destroyed their money and people goes on and on. Will Hawaii be next on that list?
It is time to draw a line in the sand for our families.
We need the Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee to be flooded with testimony in OPPOSITION to House Bill 326. It only takes a few minutes of your time to submit testimony right now by visiting the bill's page here and clicking the blue button on the page that says "Submit Testimony." You will be asked to sign in, if you are not already registered with the Hawaii State Capitol website. You can also transmit testimony by fax to (808) 586-6211 (Oahu residents) or 1-800-535-3859 (Neighbor Islands).

Conservatives cannot keep fleeing from political battles with Democrats, hoping they will go away . Democrats have become shameless and bold because every Republican they have met in the past has been a pushover. But today, they will hear the roar of people like you, and know that the tide has turned against them. A conservative victory in Hawaii isn't just another "hope" for change . . . it's our birthright, and our legacy
The one thing that Democrats fear more than anything else is a conservative Republican. Please kokua:  Make your voice heard TODAY!




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