March  2018 
IT'S POSTED! <1% Variation in Fill Accuracy for 
SAFS-100 CellSeal┬« Semi-Automated Filling System 
Andrew Lister Presents
Cook Regentec's Andrew Lister, D.Phil., presented at the 2018 Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference on the SAFS-100's ability to fill up to 600 vials an hour and achieve <1% variation in fill accuracy.
SLAS welcomes attendees

SLAS welcomed over 6,000 attendees to the San Diego Convention Center February 3-7.
CealSeal and other exhibitors
Cook Regentec was among hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest in automation, robotics, vials, cell culture apparatus / supplies, diagnostics, drug discovery, and more.
Michael Parks discusses CellSeal
Cook Regentec's account manager Michael Parks discussed how the CellSeal vial's USP Class VI materials, chosen specifically for their resistance to chemicals and durability in LN 2, makes it a safe alternative to bags and screw cap vials.
Michael Parks demonstrated CellSeal
Michael loaded a CellSeal vial 10Set onto the SAFS-100, noting how the automation allows filling for up to 600 vials per hour.

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CellSeal Vial
Learn how the CellSeal vial's construction is meant to address the limitations of bags and screwcap vials.
See how a research team at Loughborough University found that risk reduction in cell recovery could be achieved with automated thawing.

ISCT Montreal
May 2-5, 2018
Montreal, Canada
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