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October 2022

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Juvenile Justice Team Meets with DYS, Continues to Support Youth

PPAL’s Juvenile Justice team had a wonderful visit with DYS Acting Commissioner Cecely Reardon and Chief of Staff Thula Sibanda at our Waltham office. We collaborated and brainstormed regarding the most pressing concerns for families and young people, as well as the challenges in the Juvenile Justice world. A few things came up that are worth being aware of: see DYS’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan.

We are excited to continue expanding our connection with DYS, and to continue the work and intervention that helps children and youth not to enter the courts, and to find access and help for their families.

New Tip Sheets Advise Parents on Calling 911 and Taking a Child to Court

The Juvenile Justice team has also been busy creating new, easy-to-read tip sheets about issues many of our families face. 

If you ever need to take your child to court, first check out our new tip sheet, “What to Expect When you Bring Your Child to Court.”

And if you think your child with mental health needs might ever be in crisis, check out our second new tip sheet, “Calling 911 for Help in a Mental Health Emergency.” 

Find these and many other useful tipsheets on our webpage under “Publications.”

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PPAL Is Hiring

Job Openings Now Available

Are you a parent, caregiver, or family member of a child or youth with mental health needs? Or do you have your own mental health journey?

PPAL is still looking for a few individuals with this important lived experience to join our team.

We have openings for Family Support Specialists, who work directly with families, providing support that increases their ability to find and obtain services for their children and families. We’re also looking for a Family Support Coordinator, who will organize and oversee family support activities, organize workshops and other events, and represent PPAL at various meetings.

Some positions are part-time and/or specific to a particular region of the state. To learn more, visit our Employment page below!

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PPAL's Question of the Month
Visit Our Website to Answer the Latest Questions

Every month, PPAL asks those raising a child or supporting a young adult with behavioral health needs, or working closely with someone who is, how things are going in a particular area.

In September, we asked For families with siblings, how are things?” The mental health of the entire family is something that PPAL continues to support. We know, from our own experiences and from the stories of the families who reach out to PPAL, that siblings of youth with mental health concerns often need more support than they receive. Parents report that their children with lower needs are often negatively affected, though we didn't ask specifically what "negatively affected" means to those families. Parents report high levels of guilt and worry around their children's differing needs!

See more of the results below:

If you are looking for support for your "sibling" child, or for yourself as a parent/ caregiver of siblings, please consider attending the virtual Sibling Support Program: A Family-Centered Mental Health Initiative on the first Thursday of every month. November's virtual meeting is on Thursday, November 3rd.

This free program focuses on building sibling resiliency, decreasing trauma, and strengthening families of youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities and/or Mental Health Issues.

The flyer with registration information is available to download here:    

In November, we are asking

"How well do schools understand mental health needs?"

Be sure to visit PPAL's website to answer November's question!

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