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October 2021
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In the early 2000s, PPAL realized that not all families will pick up the phone and call us for advice, help or information. We realized that we needed an outreach coordinator who could focus on connecting with families from diverse cultures who often faced more barriers to behavioral health care for their children. Chantell Albert led this effort, going to fairs, connecting with community leaders and taking the time to give each parent she contacted customized coaching, information and a belief that things were going to get better. Today, PPAL continues this outreach through our Multicultural Outreach Coordinator and a variety of programs designed to ensure that diverse communities can connect to the services that they need for their children.
Juvenile Justice Runs Trainings, Offers 1-on-1 Support
Eliminating the School-to-Prison Pipeline,
Parenting Teens & More
PPAL’s Juvenile Justice program has been busy! We recently completed our “Right to Remain in School” series for parents. It was attended by 275 individuals who asked some awesome questions and provided very rich conversation at the end of each session. While this series is over, our school problem-solving clinics are ongoing and continue to be very successful with supporting parents and helping to resolve the struggles that youth are experiencing in school. You can sign up for a one-on-one clinic session here.

PPAL’s Dawn Christie recently gave a talk on the Juvenile Justice system at Boston University. She spoke about the importance of family engagement, including modeling what you want your youth to do with regards to education and engaging with services and providers. PPAL’s Juvenile Justice program also continues to sit on Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) committees and subcommittees throughout the state to represent the parent voice.

The first summit of “Reimagining School Climate: A Convening for Collective Action to Eliminate the School to Prison Pipeline” launched on October 6th. It was hosted by partners all across Massachusetts, including PPAL. Meri Viano serves as a co-chair to the summit, bringing youth, young adult and family voices to the table. According to Citizens for Juvenile Justice (CfJJ), the “school-to-prison pipeline” is - in reality - two pipelines that combine to drive students out of the classroom, away from a pathway to success, and towards the juvenile or criminal legal system. At this summit, people with lived experience and practitioners in education and youth justice spoke on the harms of the school-to-prison pipeline, its impact on achieving equitable outcomes for youth, and a vision for a different path forward. If you missed the event, you can check out this video to see the discussion. 

Starting November 1, we are hosting a six-week online series called “Active Parenting of Teens,” which will give parents the confidence and courage they need to meet the challenges (and savor the joys) of their kids’ teen years. The free series “sold out” in two days and is currently full, but look out for a second run of the series coming soon!

Juvenile Justice continues to offer peer to peer support and help families navigate the complex systems in which youth and families are involved. Contact juvenilejustice@ppal.net for help and information.
Dawn Christie Presents at Boston University
Grant Raises Awareness About COVID-19 in Vulnerable Communities
PPAL Shares Information & Resources
Ann and Irelsa share information about the COVID-19 vaccine at a fair.
PPAL has been hard at work on a new grant, focusing on sharing information and resources with the significant portion of the state's Black and Latinx population that is still unvaccinated, especially those 12-29 in age. We are actively reaching out to Black and Latinx families and communities by bringing materials to events such as health fairs, school fairs and community events.

In October PPAL had the opportunity to be part of the Winchendon Fall Festival, an event that hosted more than 300 vendors. Irelsa, our grant lead, brought information and awareness about vaccines at this event. Ann, a PPAL Family Support Specialist, was also at the table offering information about our organization.
PPAL Brings Back Facebook Live
Watch Along Live, or View Past Recordings on Social Media!
Have you checked out our Facebook page? We've restarted streaming live on Facebook every Wednesday at 2 p.m., with various PPAL staff covering timely topics like school anxiety and avoidance, support for parents of transition-age youth, and IEP support. Upcoming topics include helpful knowledge about residential support and self-care. 

Want to watch past Facebook Live streams, or watch new ones every Wednesday? Head to our Facebook page! If you prefer Instagram, we've started posting our Facebook Live videos there as well.

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