October 2020
Thank you for joining us last week!

The PPAMidwest Trunk or Treat Tailgate Show was a huge success thanks to your support!
It was so nice to see everyone in person as well as enjoy the great weather we were fortunate enough to have during the show. It was such a joy to see so many industry colleagues in person in a safe, outdoor environment! It was also special that we were able to host this event during Promotional Products Work! Week.

A huge thank you to all of the exhibitors and distributors who joined us! To see photos of the event, click here
PPAMidwest News
In Memoriam: Jenifer Siebert

Jenifer Siebert, Midwest regional sales manager at supplier Tekweld, passed away on September 21. Siebert was a well-known and beloved professional in the promotional products industry for the past 10 years, working at Alexander Manufacturing for three years before joining Tekweld in December 2018. Jenifer was a long time supporter of PPAMidwest as well as a friend to so many in our regional association.

As the news of her passing traveled through the industry, many friends and colleagues remembered her fondly. Rena Wells-Ashfeld, CAS, at Webb Company, says, “My heart breaks for the loss of such a great lady with such a bright light and infectious smile. Our industry will miss her dearly.”

Jeff Solomon, MAS, at HALO Branded Solutions, was one of Siebert’s clients. He says, “Jen was amazing! She was a bright spot in the promo industry and will be missed.”

Dawn Browne, MAS, at CPS/Keystone Line, says, “Jen Siebert was a good friend to me and will be missed.”

A visitation was held on September 26 at Chapel Hill Mortuary in Cedar Hill, Missouri followed by a service in Siebert’s honor. Afterwards, family and friends gathered at Joe Clark’s restaurant in Fenton, Missouri, for a celebration of life.
ZOOMcatalog Adds Rob Alley as Director of Marketing

COULDER, CO - Rob Alley has been hired to lead marketing for ZOOMcatalog; the industry’s leader in digital marketing technologies. Alley will play a key role in all branding, product and digital marketing, growth initiatives, sales enablement, customer experience, internal and external communications, and more.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce Rob has joined our team. He’s a perfect fit for ZOOMcatalog as he brings years of experience across the promotional products industry and B2B technology services.” --Bryony Zasman, Co-Founder.

Alley, based in Seattle, will make an immediate impact resulting from his unique mix of positions at the distributors BDA and Juice Marketing, plus the supplier iClick, where he was responsible for all marketing activities, while helping drive go-to-market strategies and business development. Alley has also been a senior product marketer at B2B SaaS providers ProQuest and Nintex.

“I’m super excited to join ZOOMcatalog, a true technology innovator. I believe my blend of experience will benefit the company, as well as promotional products suppliers, distributors, and end-users," Alley said. 
BIC Graphic North America to become Koozie Group effective January 2021

CLEARWATER, FL - BIC Graphic North America has announced it will be changing the company name to Koozie Group beginning on January 1, 2021. The promotional products industry supplier has operated under the BIC® name since 1969 and has owned the Koozie® brand since 2009.

“We are evolving as a company, so it makes sense to change our name to best reflect our vision and mission,” said Melissa Ralston, chief marketing officer at BIC Graphic NA. “A new name separates us from our old parent company and aligns with our future business goals.”

BIC Graphic NA conducted internal surveys, focus groups (internal and customer) and worked with outside branding agencies throughout 2019 to develop a list of over 800 names to consider. Koozie Group was selected because the spirit of their flagship Koozie® brand 
clearly aligns with the company’s goal of providing useful solutions that evoke positive vibes and spark lasting memories. Despite the name having roots in drinkware, Koozie Group will still provide the robust assortment of products, categories and 40+ brands that BIC Graphic is known for, including BIC® branded products.

“Changing to Koozie Group is a great move for us because it better explains what we aspire to be moving forward,” said David A. Klatt Jr., BIC Graphic NA chief executive officer. “Just mentioning the word Koozie brings a big smile to people’s faces as it reminds them of a great event or experience in their lives. Creating that feeling is exactly what we want to do for our customers’ brands.”

The change to Koozie Group ushers in a more friendly, forward-thinking approach for the supplier. The new Koozie Group tagline, Keep the Good Going®, aligns with an updated purpose to provide long-lasting promo solutions that insulate a brand’s image and preserve a best moment. The organization is also implementing a social impact and sustainability commitment program in 2021 that they call Keep it Give it.

In addition to separating the top 10 supplier from their previous parent company, operating under the new name once again opens selling opportunities outside the U.S., Canada and approved territories. Part of the sales agreement between BIC Consumer and H.I.G. Capital limited international sales while the organization was operating under the name BIC Graphic.

The Koozie Group® name was announced to all BIC Graphic NA employees earlier this year, in January. Beginning in September 2019, an internal task force including team members from all departments has been developing a thorough transition plan encompassing all areas of BIC Graphic NA’s business.

BIC Graphic NA has already begun switching to Koozie Group at their facilities and within their internal messaging, and will officially change the name on January 1, 2021. More information about the changes happening at BIC Graphic/Koozie Group can be found at bicgraphic.com/US/change-for-good throughout the remainder of 2020, and then at kooziegroup.com starting January 1st.
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Wild Wednesday Webinars - Lunch and Learn at your desk!
“Marketing with a Purpose:
How to Stand Out from the Competition"
Wed, October 14, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST

For most companies, attracting quality customers for your business has never been as challenging as it is right now. When mere survival is first priority, spending money to promote yourself seems like a waste of precious resources, yet, there are enormous opportunities to grow under the right circumstances. Join Red Goldfish: Promo Edition co-author Roger Burnett for a look at the way’s businesses using purpose-based philosophies are outperforming the marketplace and producing results shareholders cheer about.
Learning Outcomes:
1. The case for purpose as an organizational philosophy
2. Best in class examples on how to organize around purpose
3. Ways to start the alignment process

 1 CAS Credit when you submit your PPAI Pin Number with your survey.
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Industry News
Online Trade Show - January 11 - 14, 2021
The PPAI Expo Moves Online In 2021 With PPAI Expo Direct-2-You
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge in staging a large, in-person live event without compromising the health and safety of exhibitors and attendees, PPAI has made the decision not to host an in-person live PPAI Expo 2021 and transition to a completely virtual live format in January under a new name: PPAI Expo Direct-2-You.
On January 11-14, PPAI Expo Direct-2-You will deliver an online trade show and education and networking opportunities to the promotional products industry from the comfort of participants’ homes and offices. Attendees will discover the latest and greatest products, attend quality industry education sessions, engage with hundreds of exhibitor suppliers and business services, and network with thousands of other distributors.
PPAI will soon be posting additional information about PPAI Expo Direct-2-You, including show hours and the event schedule, on the event website and through other communication methods.
“With the transition to a virtual live event, we can deliver a unique experience to connect our members globally, give more people the opportunity to view new, trending products; expand their knowledge with exclusive education sessions; network with their promotional products community and make lasting business connections,” says Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO. “This unprecedented time has generated an amazing amount of creativity and collaboration in business, and PPAI is responding in kind. Participants can expect the same quality and scope of event that has long been distinguishing attributes of The PPAI Expo.”
How to Craft An Elevator Pitch That Gives People Chills in Under 20 Seconds
Neil Gordon  Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP Speaking Coach and Communication Consultant

Find your silver bullet.

You are more than likely familiar with Entrepreneur’s popular show "Elevator Pitch," in which entrepreneurs pitch their company to a board of investors during a 60-second elevator ride. If the investors like the pitch, the elevator doors open and the entrepreneur is invited into the board room to potentially make a deal.

This show’s premise is of course inspired by concept that people in business have embraced for decades now: that a truly good idea can be summed up in the span of an elevator ride.

But this poses a significant dilemma. As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely been toiling away at your idea for some time, possibly even years. How are you supposed to cram all of the value you’ve created in so little time? And if you’re making a pitch in order to attract investments, how can you describe your work in a compelling way, while demonstrating viability in the marketplace, while asking for capital?

You may be surprised to find out that there is a way you can craft your elevator pitch to not only create greater interest in your product or service, but actually give people chills in under twenty seconds. Read More
PPAI Online Education
Professional Development Sessions
Upcoming Professional Development Sessions

Did you know that PPAI Online Education offers live webinars, virtual sessions and events throughout the year? The webinars provide the most up-to-date and relevant content to the promotional products industry, presented by expert speakers. On-demand versions are posted immediately after the live presentation so that you may access them at a later date. 

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