PPE Needs Assessment
The COVID-19 pandemic has made the purchasing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) challenging. We recognize that PPE requirements for programs may have changed (e.g. in labs, small group work, and student clinical experiences) and that certain types of PPE may be particularly difficult to acquire. Traditionally, departments and units have sourced their own PPE. Given the current circumstances, we would like to assess whether an optional and temporary centralized PPE purchasing process would benefit the University community.   

Potential Benefits of Centralized Purchasing:
  • Reduction in time spent sourcing hard-to-find PPE 
  • Better pricing for bulk orders 
  • Ability to identify and access non-traditional vendors 

Please complete the following BRIEF PPE Needs Assessment Survey by Friday, July 24, 2020, so we can gauge how to best support your PPE needs. 

Thank you for your partnership,   

Jennifer Parrott
Co-Director for Environmental Health and Safety Department
(208) 282-3498
Idaho State
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