Dear MSTKC Members, Partners, and Friends

Last Friday the Medical Society of Tulare and Kings Counties in partnership with the California Medical Association (CMA) held a drive-thru PPE Distribution event for solo, small and medium size practice groups in our region. Recipients included members and non-members alike. At least a two month supply of personal protective equipment was handed out free of charge to Tulare and Kings County physicians and providers in the fight to stay safe from COVID-19 as they remain vigilant on the front lines of treating patients and ensuring access for patients to quality healthcare.

On August 7th, cars began to line up at our Medical Society office. We welcomed the help of 25 volunteers from the Bakersfield Nursing School, the Visalia Breakfast Rotary and Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With the help of all these individuals as well as a huge help from Dr. Kingsford, we were able to provide over 260 boxes of PPE to our providers.

The PPE included N95 and surgical masks, gowns gloves, face shields and hand sanitizer. Millions of pieces of equipment were acquired by the California Medical Association and the California Office of Emergency Services, making it possible for component medical societies around the state to replenish supplies and, as a result, stay open and available to patients. Altais also served as a valuable partner and sponsor in assisting freight, transport and distribution.

The Medical Society of Tulare and Kings Counties would like to thank all of the practices and providers who took part in our drive - thru event. We hope that this will help you continue to do what you do do best, take care of your patients.