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General Pest Control in the Winter

Thursday January 14, 2021 

7 PM on Zoom

Speaker: Ed Van Istendal

Category Credit
00 - Core: 1
11 - Household/Health Related:  2
15 - Public Health - Vertebrate Pest:    1
18 - Demonstration and Research: 2
23 - Park / School Pest Control:   2

Cost: $15 for members; $30 for non-members

To receive continuing education credits, attendees must be present for the entirety of the call and participate in questions asked by the moderator.
On Saturday, January 2nd Congress voted to override President Trump’s late December veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). While significant as this was the first time the President has had a veto overridden, it also carries specific impacts for the pest management industry. Slipped into the bill was a beneficial owner provision, very similar to the ILLICIT CASH Act NPMA lobbied on during our 2020 hill day. (You can view the ILLICIT CASH one pager here and the FAQ here.) This provision is now law as part of NDAA and moves to the Department of the Treasury, which will be responsible for promulgating the regulation.
What will the impact on my business be? While very similar to ILLICIT CASH, there are a few differences. Essentially, any business with 20 or fewer employees must provide personal information (name, contact info, SSN, Driver license number, etc.) to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and update that information regularly for the life of the business. A Beneficial owner is “an individual who, directly or indirectly, exercises substantial control over an entity or owns 25% or more of an entity.” This information would be accessible to thousands of law enforcement officers including the FBI, CIA, State Attorneys General through a written request, and foreign law enforcement agencies via a request from an American agency. State and local law enforcement access would be granted through a “court authorization” (short of a subpoena or warrant.) The language does not define what a court authorization consists of; this appears to be a new term. Noncompliance could result in jail time of up to 2 years and up to $10,000 in fines ($500/day). The regulation will be responsible for defining many elements of this language that are unclear.
When will this come into effect? The Department of the Treasury will have to write the proposed regulation, put it out for comments, read them and then issue a final rule. So it is unlikely this will actually go into effect in 2021. NPMA will be monitoring closely and will submit comments once the proposed rule is released.
What can I do to stop this? Unfortunately, this is now law. NPMA will be focused on the regulatory process and will be asking the industry to weigh in with comments when the time comes to try to minimize this burden on small businesses.
Why would Congress pass this? This provision was passed under the incorrect idea that it will help root out criminal enterprises. Law enforcement groups argue that it helps officers access information faster by removing normal procedural hurdles like warrants and subpoenas.
Additional questions? Contact Ashley Amidon, VP of Public Policy at
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Training Opportunities
West Virginia Pest Management Association:
Join us as we go VIRTUAL for the WVPMA 2021 Winter Training Blitz!
Get your Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for West Virginia and surrounding states, all from the warmth and convenience of your own home or office -- no travel required.
Juggle work with your license recertification maintenance though this highly convenient, mobile-friendly platform. Six (6) education classes with ample breaks in between allows you to stay connected to operations while you engage in learning.
One easy registration per person will have you covered for both days of training. Attend only what you wish to get credit for, and we'll keep track of what you earn.
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Event Information
January 12th & 13th, 2021
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM each day
Non-Members - $99
Members - $45
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New Jersey Pest Management Association Line-up of Winter Workshops Kicks-off in January and Continues into the Spring!
Bed Bug Workshop
On January 28th, 2021 we invite you to join us for the NJPMA Bed Bug Online Workshop. This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions focusing on the latest research and technology in the pest management industry and how to combat Bed Bugs. A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the Bed Bug Pest Control Industry.
The Bed Bug Workshop will cover the following topics…
  • Bed Bug Basics: Developing a Bed Bug
  • Management Program.
  • Bed Bugs in an Office Environment.
  • Understanding Why Pesticides May Not Be Effective.
  • Update on Bed Bugs: New Products and
  • Concepts and How Covid-10 has impacted infestations.
Featured Speakers include:
  • Timothy P. Best, BCE, Assured Environments
  • Rick Cooper, Ph.D., Terminix
  • Stephen Kells, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • Jeff White, BCE, Bed Bug Central
Mosquito Business Opportunities Online Workshop
On February 10th, 2021 we invite you to join us for the NJPMA Mosquito Business Opportunity Online Workshop. This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions on the Pros and Cons of adding Mosquito Control to your business offerings.  A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the Mosquito Control Industry.

The Mosquito Business Opportunities Workshop will cover the following topics…
  • Mosquito Borne Diseases
  • Mosquito Biology
  • Basics of a control program
  • Why Barrier treatments
  • Potential breeding sites
  • Control equipment and products
Featured Speakers include:
  • Jeffrey O’Neill, Zoecon
Wood-Destroying Insect Workshop
On February 24th, 2021 we invite you to join us for the NJPMA Wood Destroying Insect Online Workshop. This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions focusing on the latest research and technology in the pest management industry and how to combat Wood Destroying Insects. A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the WDI Pest Control Industry.

The Wood Destroying Insects Workshop will cover the following topics…
  • Problems with Moisture: Using Borates to
  • Protect the Wood
  • Determining the Proper Amount of Materials to be Applied for Termite Services
  • Termite Myths and Lies
  • WDI Inspections and Treatment Labeling
Featured Speakers include:
  • Harry Bryan, Nisus
  • Jason Meyers, Ph.D., BASF
  • Janis Reed, Ph.D., Control Solutions
  • Frank MacDonald, Select Insurance Agency
When: February 1-3, 2021
Where: Caribe Royale, Orlando, FL

Join the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) for an educational program that will provide both technical and business-related information to professionals who are involved in wildlife management or are considering offering this valuable add-on service. The program at the Wildlife Expo combines training and education with networking opportunities and the chance to check out the newest technology and services in the Exhibit Hall. Whether you are a large company or a one-man shop, use this opportunity to grow this segment of your business by attending this unique meeting.
NPMA Back In Action 2021 Webinar Series
Back to Business - January 22, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Budgeting Basics: How to Fast Track a Budget
Paid Sick Leave and Handling Extended Absences Due to COVID
Maximizing Productivity of Customer Service Representatives and Office Staff

Back to Bugs: Rodents - February 29, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Keeping Roof Rats from Turning Your Rodent Control Efforts into a Circus
Optimizing Rodent Control for Commercial Accounts
Managing House Mice: America’s Most Common and Most Under-Appreciated Rodent Pest

Back to Bugs: Wood Destroying Organisms - March 26, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Carpenter Bees
Termites: Understanding the Past and Looking to the Future
Meet the (Wood Destroying) Beetles!

Back to Bugs: Flies, Ants, and Spiders - April 23, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Big Picture Pest Control for Small Fly Problems
Uncontrollable Ants... Or are They?
Beyond the Brown Recluse: Managing Nuisance Spiders in Homes
Silver Partners
Sponsored by FMC, The PestVets Veteran of the Year Award was created to honor a Veteran who has helped strengthen the role of the pest management industry. They are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the industry and to the communities they serve. The criteria may include any of the following: the nominee’s leadership/involvement in community volunteer activities, the nominee’s contributions to the pest control industry, the nominee’s contributions to his/her company, and the nominee’s contributions to other Veterans. The minimum qualifications for a nomination must include: must be an honorably discharged (DD214) Veteran of the US Military and must be employed by an NPMA member company.

Deadline: Nominations are due January 15, 2021. If you have any questions regarding a nomination, please contact Jake Plevelich at or by phone at (703) 352-6762.
Bronze Partners
Pests In the News
The New Year has arrived and NPMA would like to take this opportunity to remind our members that we are committed to protecting the privacy of your information. NPMA does not sell the information of our members, suppliers, or other contacts.
By now many of you may be aware of an organization that is soliciting NPMA members under the name “National Pest Maintenance Professional Association” or “NPMPA”.
The “National Pest Maintenance Professional Association” or “NPMPA” is not associated with NPMA in any way, and it is our belief that this entity/website is a fraudulent scam and a violation of NPMA’s federally registered trademark.
Additionally, there are fraudulent companies and organizations that may try to present themselves as official hotel partners of NPMA and offer you a potential room that might not be guaranteed or available.
Should you be solicited in any way for purchasing leads, hotel rooms, etc., please let us know. Unless a communication is directly received from NPMA, it is an attempt to misrepresent our association and is most likely fraudulent or spam. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience these organizations have caused and want to ensure you that we are working to correct the issue and effectively represent, promote and advocate for the pest management industry.
Understanding how mosquitoes smell humans could save thousands of human lives
(CNN) Of the more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world, just a small number have evolved to specialize in sucking human blood.
How human-biting mosquitoes track us down so effectively isn't currently known, but it matters, since they don't just make us itch. They also carry dangerous diseases such as Zika, dengue, West Nile virus and malaria that can be deadly.
In fact, stopping these pesky insects in their tracks could save up to half a million lives lost to those diseases each year.

"In each of those cases where a mosquito has evolved to bite humans — which has only happened two or three times — they become nasty disease vectors," said Carolyn "Lindy" McBride, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute in New Jersey.  

That's why she wants to understand how they find and target humans.
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