Meetings for March 31st 'Unions United' Event
PPOA representatives engaged in a series of planning meetings with fellow union leaders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for the LA County Unions United march through downtown LA next Thursday (3/31/22.)

PPOA members are strongly encouraged to join fellow LA County employees for this event. The march will stage at Grand Park and bring together members of more than a dozen unions (including PPOA, ALADS, County Fire, and more) in a show of force to draw attention to the crucial need for long overdue salary increases. We look forward to strong participation from PPOA members who understand the importance of sending a forceful message to the Board of Supervisors. It goes without saying that contract negotiations directly impact every active PPOA member.

The march begins at 10:00AM so please plan to arrive no later than 9:30AM. PPOA will reimburse active full-dues-paying members for parking. Please email your parking receipt (must be time/date stamped for 3/31 between 9AM and 12PM) to, along with your name and employee number.
PPOA Sheriff Election Committee Meeting
March 21: Members of the PPOA Sheriff Election Committee met on Monday night to continue discussions about the candidates campaigning for LA County Sheriff. This committee co-hosted a Candidates Forum with ALADS in January and conducted interviews with each candidate in February in order to help PPOA members better understand the experience and insight of each person seeking the endorsement of PPOA. Discussions about any potential endorsement will continue into next week.
Santa Clarita Valley Station Visit
March 21: PPOA President Tab Rhodes visited with members at Santa Clarita Valley Station on Monday and attended the briefing in order to discuss current issues with Station personnel. Topics of discussion included the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, salary contract negotiations, fringe benefits contract negotiations and various Department issues.
LA County Federation 'House of Labor' Meeting
March 21: PPOA representatives joined fellow LA County Federation of Labor members on Monday evening for the monthly "House of Labor" teleconference. These meetings help County union leaders compare notes and consult with each other about the many issues impacting union members throughout the County. Participants from PPOA included Board Member Jay Chapman and Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr.

The County Fed is comprised of more than 300 unions and labor organizations, representing more than 800,000 members.
Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Legal Issues
March 21: PPOA representatives hosted their weekly teleconference on Tuesday to continue discussions about COVID-19 and its impact on PPOA members.

Meeting participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, Executive Director Quint, Sr. Labor Rep. Venise Wallace, Labor Rep. Teresa O'Neil, Intake Rep. Kevin Thompson and PPOA legal counsel.
Heroes Ride Event Planning Meeting
March 22: The final planning meeting for PPOA's 8th Annual Heroes Ride took place on Tuesday. Approximately 350 riders and passengers will join us tomorrow (3/27/22) to honor the service and sacrifice of fallen officers and military veterans. The ride will stage at the Hollywood Bowl, where Sheriff Alex Villanueva will be on hand to help acknowledge peace officers who died in the line of duty. Riders will then head to LA National Cemetery for a poignant tribute to military veterans. The 2nd leg of the ride will be a 25-mile cruise to Biscailuz Center for a finish line reception, including BBQ, music, vendors and more.
Golden State Communities Project Meeting
March 23: President Rhodes met with representatives of the Golden State Communities Project (GSCP) to discuss public safety issues, pending legislation, efforts to recall D.A. George Gascón and more. The goal of the GSCP is to "build safe and vibrant communities by supporting data-driven public policy and responsible leadership."
PPOA Legislative Committee Meeting
March 24:  The PPOA Legislative Committee hosted a teleconference with our full-time Sacramento legislative representatives — Lang, Hansen, Giroux and Kidane  — to discuss legislation that may potentially impact PPOA members and public safety employees statewide. Participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, 1st Vice President Nancy Escobedo, Secretary Jose Rios and Board Member Gerry Garcia.
Unit 612 Contract Negotiations
March 24: The PPOA Unit 612 Salary Contract Negotiations Team met with County representatives on Thursday via video conference to continue negotiations for a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The current contract for Sergeants and Lieutenants from the Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office expired on January 31, 2022. This was the 8th round of negotiations for this contract. We remain deeply concerned about the skyrocketing inflation rate which was reported to be 7.9% for the month of February. PPOA is committed to securing an across-the-board salary increase that adequately offsets the current Consumer Price Index, which is now at a 40-year high.
Unit 621 Contract Negotiations Pre-Meeting
March 25: Members of the PPOA Unit 621 Salary Contract Negotiations Team gathered yesterday to strategize ahead of upcoming contract talks with the County. Unit 621 is the official bargaining unit for the following LASD classifications: Custody Assistant, Civilian Investigator, Crime Analyst, Public Response Dispatcher, Court Services Specialist, Law Enforcement Technician, Security Assistant, Security Officer.

The 621 Negotiations team is comprised of the following PPOA members:

  • 2nd V.P./Custody Assistant Tony Coleman (621 Negotiations Chair)
  • Board Member/Law Enforcement Technician Jim Blankenship
  • Board Member/Security Officer Gerry Garcia
  • Security Officer Angel Becerra
  • Civilian Investigator Ben Garcia
  • Custody Assistant Cynthia Murphy
  • Court Services Specialist Jesus Peralta
  • Public Response Dispatcher II Mike Salazar
  • Crime Analyst Joe Walker

Participants in the meeting yesterday also included President Rhodes, Executive Director Quint, Sr. Labor Rep. Wallace and PPOA Legal Counsel.
Fraternal Order of Police
PPOA members have long benefitted from our longtime affiliation with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the world's largest organization of law enforcement officers, with more than 364,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges nationwide. All active PPOA members are part of California FOP Lodge 1, which represents public safety organizations throughout LA County and operates under the capable leadership of former PPOA President Roger Mayberry. Click here to read the latest weekly news update from the California FOP.

Please make it a point to check out the Washington Watch — a weekly update provided by the National FOP. We encourage PPOA members to stay up to date on the legislative news and activity impacting public safety personnel nationwide.