P EOPLE FOR P ATIENT S AFETY (PPS) APRIL 13, 2020 - 7:00 PM Eastern Time

An advance care plan helps make sure that when an individual has a life- threatening illness or injury, their care team understands their treatment preferences and knows who they'd want to make medical decisions for them if unable to make decisions themselves. 

All month long we will be sharing information to help individuals understand and complete their advance directives - Step # 1 from the TakeCHARGE Campaign. At our next meeting, you will learn about two unique programs that make it easy for individuals to securely record and share their decisions with doctors and loved ones. To register visit PPS Registration
At the April 13th PPS event Susan Capurso, an End of Life Doula and Legacy Creator, will speak about The Five Wishes Document and the essential reasons to complete this document for both yourself and for all of your children over eighteen years old.

Ruthlyn Noel, MPA, BCPA President & Chief Client Advocate will discuss the Electronic Advanced Care Planning Platform she uses for her clients.

Participants must register through zoom. Anyone not registered will not be able to participate. Register here
Susan Capurso, End of Life Doula and Advanced Directive Consultant, serves patients during end of life, emotionally, practically and spiritually. She specializes in creative legacy work using video and audio to tell their stories and share memories with generations to come, enabling them to leave their thumbprint in history. Susan is a believer in spreading the word on how important it is to have your Advanced Directives in place. Susan shares stories on the importance of "Getting this Done" now, while you can. Life changes in a second; preplan and you'll feel safer in knowing your wishes will be followed, exactly the way you wanted. www.eastenddoulacare.com 
Ruthlyn is the President and Chief Client Advocate at Healthwhiz Solutions.

Ruthlyn became sensitive to the needs of patients and caregivers while working as a public policy strategist and advocate in the rare disease community for almost 12 years.

She relishes in knowing that she can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

As a trusted advisor and advocate, she’s honored to have helped guide many patients, caregivers, and family members through overwhelming health care red tape, removing the burdens that inhibited access to appropriate care and prevented them from spending quality time on those things the matter most.
1.      Understand & Complete Your Advance Directives
2.      Keep a Record of Your Medical History & Current Medications
3.      Prepare for Doctor Visits / Make A List of Questions
4.     Prevent Infections / Ask Caregivers to Wash Their Hands
5.     Use an Advocate / Be an Advocate for Others
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